Monday, January 26, 2009

Are You Kidding Me?

In my world travels, I have spent a considerable amount of time in Dallas, Texas. Going into (my second year of) 7th grade, I spent my whole summer with my aunt and uncle in Dallas and had a wonderful time. I went to Six Flags over Texas, saw Orlando Pace's pro debut in a Cowboys/Rams pre-season game, and saw Ariana the Human Arrow at the Ringling Bros. (is that really their last name?) circus. The only negative experience I had in Dallas that summer was being bitten unmerciful by fire ants in the driveway once. Now a situation has arisen in Dallas that has become even more fiery than the ants that bear that name. Micah Grimes, coach of the Covenant School of Dallas Girls Varsity basketball team, the team that put the wood to Dallas Academy 100-0, has been fired. "It is shameful and an embarrassment that this happened. This clearly does not reflect a Christlike and honorable approach to competition," said a statement signed by the head of the school and the chairman of the board. As stated in my previous posting, this is exactly what is wrong with America these days. In my opinion, the firing of Micah Grimes aka "Grimey" is the only shameful and embarrassing action here. In fact, Infant baby Jesus would have been proud of Grimey.

Mike and Mike in the morning have gone as far as calling anyone "pathetic" who doesn't think that this game and the actions of the winning team are "despicable. I guess that makes me a pathetic person then. Greenberg went on to ask what the winning team learned from this victory. I don't think it is what they learned so much as what the other team learned. The losing team learned that nobody is going to give you any breaks. In the real world, if you are struggling to get by at work, or in some other capacity, nobody is just going to roll over and let you feel better about yourself. This in my opinion is despicable. Why would you give someone who is obviously terrible at something false hope? Isn't that only misguiding them? Leading them to believe that they are something that they clearly are not? If you were a salesman, would you give up a lead to somebody else who clearly had no skill in sales just because they were struggling? No. So why should these kids roll over and let a horrible basketball team score a few buckets on them, and stop running their offense? Isn't that dishonest and embarrassing for their players? Also, I think Dallas Academy would be able to tell if their opponent just stopped playing both defense and offense. Would that make them feel better to know that they were succeeding against a team of dummies? Would they learn anything doing that? Sooner or later these kids need to realize their limitations, and I for one place no fault on Grimey for making the limitations of the Dallas Academy team painfully obvious.


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