Friday, January 23, 2009

More Crying in Sports Please

Recently, this story was put on my desk by an assistant of mine:,2933,481854,00.html. It is the story of a Dallas area girls basketball team that throttled another team 100-0, but now is seeking to forfeit the game because they feel that they shouldn't have run up the score and that "victory without honor is a great loss". This is exactly why kids in America are becoming such pansies these days. The whole "feel good" movement with children, and making every child feel "special" is giving them false hope. If a kid sucks, he or she needs to know it. Parents need to stop sugar coating things for their kids and leading them on in areas where they are clearly not capable. Like George Carlin says about not wanting to see other people's pictures of their kids "Take a chance. Tell the truth."

How many times have you seen the kid with the obsessive parents who try to nurture every whim of their child's life? If he wants to play hockey, they go out and buy little Johnny the best equipment and go to all his games to see him rotting on the bench. If he goes into the game for 5 seconds and trips over the blue line, the parents tell him he had a great game afterwards. This shit makes me sick. I can see parents wanting to take an interest in their child, and wanting to give him every opportunity, but if a kid sucks at something let him know so he does not get his hopes up. How many times in little league did you lose a game because the coach had to let the kid with RecSpecs and hot dog fingers play at least one inning. It's things like these that hold the talented players back and are creating a nation of soft kids. These kids need to be told that they can't in fact do "anything they put their mind to". Do you think Ron Jeremy "put his mind to" being a porn star? No. He has a hammer. I strongly doubt that if he "put his mind to" becoming the next Tiger Woods it would have happened. Children do not have limitless possibilities and need to be reminded of that from time to time.

So please, basketball team from Dallas, be proud of your 100 point drubbing of that other school. Don't let them think that they played a good game, they were terrible. Losing is important for kids. We need more kids crying at the end of the game, realizing their own futility. It will toughen up the youth and help them come to terms with what they can and cannot do. If we could get the parents involved too, then we would really be on to something.

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  1. my favorite crying athlete has to brett favre admitting his addiction to pain pills. it got me through the 6th grade.