Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pencil Sharpener

After an impassioned letter from a devoted follower of the blog, I will be introducing a new feature to the blog today. Similar to Bill Simmons' Mail Bag, I will respond to reader e-mails in the "Pencil Sharpener". If you feel the need to sound off about something, send me an e-mail at The first e-mail ever in the pencil sharpener segment comes from a Mr. DBillz in PA:

"I wanted to comment on the current state of Notre Dame Men's Basketball. I am angered (and frankly, astonished) that this dismal team continues week in and week out to be ranked in the Top 25 of College Basketball. Granted, they have a quality win over Texas, and have beaten such perennial powerhouses as the pride of the Southern Conference Furman Paladins (alliteration aside) or the upstart South Dakota Coyotes, but this team cannot seem to beat a ranked team...ever. It used to be that they were unstoppable at Home, however that trend is now debunked. They have one of the best players in the country in "Big Country Jr." Luke Harangody, as well as a solid 1-2 punch with McAlarany, but they now find themselves at 12-8, ranked #22 in the country, with an excruciating schedule during the bottom 3rd of the season. This team can potentially finish the season 1 game above/below .500.
Obviously, I dislike Notre Dame to the point where I want to punch Charlie Weis in the FUPA, and being a die-hard PSU sports fan (Mens Basketball: 16-5, unranked) doesn't help matters. However, the national media needs to wake up and smell the coffee (or joe, as in paterno) because ND basketball is crumbling, yet they continue to put them in the spotlight because of who they are.
So, I'm no English major, nor me write good, but I just wanted to vent to someone who isn't biased (i hope) on the dogshit that is Notre Dame Basketball. "

Mr. DBillz, I couldn't agree with you more. Not only in basketball, but in every sport Notre Dame is over ranked and always gets more credit than they deserve. My aunt and uncle teach at Notre Dame so at an early age I "drank the kool aid" and became a big Notre Dame fan. Year after year they trotted out mediocre teams, especially in football, and were crushed by ranked competition whenever they played them. This was most apparent in their 9 game losing streak in bowls that finally ended this year because they played Hawaii. The final straw for me was when I toured Notre Dame and saw a big dude in a football jacket giving tours, so I thought I'd join his tour. He was a cheerleader. After that day, I decided not to apply to Notre Dame. Notre Dame has become "America's College Team" leading them to be overhyped in all sports. Their basketball program has a "role model" (white guy) in Harangody, and lets be clear that there is only one Big Country Reeves, and they are Notre Dame, so they are kept in the spotlight. It makes me sick, and the worst part about it is that the school with billions of dollars in endowment is making even more by playing in all these big games, taking away from schools that could probably use the money more. As you can see, you don't want to get me started on Notre Dame. Finally, Penn State seems to be sitting on a gold mine. They have never really competed in the Big Ten in basketball (correct me if im wrong), but it is a huge market. Seems to me they should be developing the hoops team more. Maybe this year is the start of something big. And isn't the basketball court right by the Nittany Lion statue? Sacred puma.

That's all for the first Pencil Sharpener installment ever. Hope you enjoyed it and feel free to send in more mail.