Friday, January 30, 2009

Sports Center is Terrible

ESPN's Sports Center has been easily the most viewed television show of my entire life. Ever since I was a little kid, I used to watch guys like Charlie Steiner, Dan Patrick and yes, even Jacky D report to me the latest news in sports, as well as recap the nights games. However, something has happened to those simpler times. Sports Center has taken a turn for the worse. Now, when I am trying to see if the Nuggets beat the Blazers, I get bombarded with a whole bunch of bullshit that I don't care about at all. Instead of sticking to sports, Sports Center has tried to become an "entertainment" show. The on air personalities have become pop culture diarrhea mouths and have nothing even remotely funny or intelligent to say. I for one, think it is time for sweeping changes at ESPN, and I nominate myself to become the new director of Sports Center.

When I was a kid, in the 90s, Sports Center used to be much more informative. Every game was broken down with full highlights and statistics. Nowadays, only the big games are re-capped, and you are lucky to catch the score of your favorite team as it goes whizzing by on the bottom line. They have stopped covering each game to make way for retarded specials that facilitate fan interaction or visit places around the world. Who can forget such inspirational pieces as "My Wish", "50 States in 50 Days", "Titletown", "The Ultimate Highlight", or my personal favorite "Who's Now?". Their newest special is the "Mount Rushmore of Sports", I shudder to think of what it entails. Nobody asked for this stupid shit and it takes away from what made ESPN and Sports Center so popular to begin with: round the clock sports coverage.

The other marked change in Sports Center that has made it become so stale is the personalities of the participants. Instead of making a few wise cracks during a highlight reel like Kenny Mayne or Dan Patrick used to do, Sports Center anchors now see their air time as a potential launch to their acting career and drown out the sports highlights with the most recent line by Ari Gold or a new rap lyric. It usually makes no sense within the context of the highlight, and the only anchor that I can stomach these days is Scott Van Pelt. He is a throwback to the earlier days.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention how many anchors on ESPN that I hate. Let's just go down the list. Going into detail on why I hate each one of them would take the remainder of this decade, so suffice it to say they just love hearing the sound of their own voice. here they are in no particular order:

Merril Hoge
Steve Young
Chris Berman
Stuart Scott
Joe Morgan
Mike Greenberg
Stan Verrett
Chris Connelly
Pedro Gomez
Marcellus Wiley

ESPN needs to return to simpler times. They need to put the "Sports" back in Sports Center. This entertainment tv with sports included is sappy and stupid. Also, the anchors need to shutup. That's all I have to say about that. And how come I can't get no tang 'round here?

Cardinals 34- Steelers 24

My co-worker claims to be a die hard fan and wears a Steelers tie into work every Monday when the Steelers win (copying my Eagles tradition), yet he admitted that he didn't watch several of the playoff games and pronounces Troy Polamalu's name, Troy Po-LAHM-uh-LOO. Because of this alone, the Steelers deserve to lose. Sorry Big Ben

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  1. Van pelt has been the man since his days on the golf channel.