Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Clash of the Titans

After watching #1 UConn stifle #22 ranked Syracuse last night with superior defense and timely scoring, the time has come to look forward to Saturday's game against Seton Hall. With UConn on a 12 game win streak, and Seton Hall on a 5 game win streak of their own, something has got to give. But there is much more than a basketball game at stake here. This is the Cold War ladies and gentlemen. This is Setonia versus UConnia: This is the battle of the blogs.

Long before I became a blogger myself, I followed what was then a little known blog called Setonia, a blog devoted to fandom of Seton Hall basketball run by Dave and Ben. Setonia became an overnight sensation amongst its early followers, but always led us to question how Dave became such a huge Seton Hall basketball fan when he never mentioned anything about Seton Hall while we were at university. Regardless, I followed the blog from its infancy and watched it grow into a powerhouse. You can find my comments under the handle "UConnia" peppered throughout the blog's illustrious history. However, somewhere along the way Setonia lost its identity. Having recently published their 100th blog entry, they handed out a number of thank you's to their fans and well wishers. Several of the fans (I won't name any names) who had been their since the start were not mentioned. Setonia has gone big time folks. They have forgotten the common fan, and for that they will pay this weekend against mighty Connecticut.

All joking aside, I am not that upset about not being named in the 100th entry post. However, I will use it fuel my fire for this weekend's St. Valentine's Day Massacre. UConn comes in having run roughshod over the Big East's finest teams in the past few weeks. A big win against #22 Syracuse last night, a laugher against #7 Louisville not too long ago, a close one against surging Villanova, a win at then ranked Notre Dame (I bet DBillz is happy) and of course, a 15 point win against these very Pirates at the XL Center. Setonia has put together a more modest 5 game win streak, beating some of the lesser filth in the Big East like Rutgers and St. John's. However, they did beat Georgetown, the only team to beat UConn. This, the possible injury to "Iron" Jerome Dyson and the fact that the game is at Seton Hall are the only three things that worry me about this weekend's game. Other than that, I am confident that UConn will roll, vanquishing the evil empire of the Setonia blog.

One of the small things that gives me the most confidence is the first picture in this link. I don't know who that guy trying to cover Hasheem "The Dream" is, but he looks like the African-American, possibly Spanish equivalent of me. That does not bode well for the Hall. "The Dream" went crazy against Seton Hall last time they met for 15 points, 17 boards and 4 blocks. Unfortunately, Setonia has nobody that can cover this mountain of a man and he will be a huge factor in this game. Moreover, A.J. Price "is right" is starting to get hot from outside the arc and will stretch the defense of Setonia so that the big boys can dominate inside. Provided they don't turn the ball over as much as they did against 'Cuse, UConn should put up a lot of points in this one. The defense as usual is the anchor for UConn though, and they have looked amazing as of late. Bringing the ball anywhere near the basket is a bad idea against this defense, the shot with either be stuffed or altered to the point where it misses, often leading to a UConn fast break. UConn will be too much for Seton Hall in this one. Soon after, people will start flocking to this blog and I will be referred to as the wisest man in all the land. It's ok though current readers, as Kevin says in Home Alone 2 "I won't forget to remember you.".


  1. Will, I think this is the black you:

  2. You have delivered a challenge, my friend. Fortunately, Setonia - and our valiant warriors - are more than ready for this fight.

    To the contrary: Seton Hall is the team "Tha Beat"!!!