Friday, February 27, 2009

Double Day Friday!

Because I failed to post yesterday, and in honor of Civil War hero and supposed baseball inventor Abner Doubleday, I will post two different topics today. The first is a Pencil Sharpener from my most communicative reader Mr. DBillz. In the spirit of Doubleday, the e-mail also has two questions. Here it is in all its glory;

Hi Will,
Got a mailbag 2 part question for you. Since I seem to be the only one trying to get your "pencil sharpener" off the ground, I may as well make it a two-parter, eh? Here goes...If the NCAA season ended right now, who would be your #1 seeds? I say UCONN(ia), PITT, OKLA, Memphis. Pretty standard. It's a shame what happened to Dominique James last night, but I'm happy for Calhoun.
Part Deux: If the season ended right now, does PSU sit on the good or bad (NIT) part of the bubble? Thoughts?"

DBillz also went on a rant of his own at the end of his e-mail about how he hates Ohio State basketball and their biased reporters. Because of that, I thought I'd include this video to cheer him up.

As far as the #1 seeds go, I am struggling mightily with just who is worthy of a #1 seed right now. The top 4 or 5 teams have done little to impress recently and they are all showing signs of imperfection. I for one do not like Memphis as a #1. They tear up the Conference USA and expect that to get them respect? C'mon. The facts are, they are 1-2 against the Big East, with their lone win coming against Setonia, and there are no other ranked teams in their conference. It seems to me like they are not testing themselves against the best teams. Much like the undefeated Ohio State football teams of recent lore, they only challenge themselves a few times a year and expect their record to speak for itself. Well I'm not buying it. Memphis is OUT as a number 1. I like the other three (UConn, OU and Pitt) in as #1's, they have all played tough schedules and fought through injuries to stay atop their conferences. For my fourth #1 seed, I guess I would have to go with UNC. The ACC has a plethora of talented teams and they have only one really bad loss to Maryland. The loss to BC is not terrible because BC has proven that they are the giant killers this year. They just have trouble against the scrub teams like Harvard. Watch out for some "LESSGOEEEGULLLSSSS!!!!" chants this March as BC could make some serious noise in the tournament. Also, you gotta respect the experience UNC has. I don't know about everyone else, but I would never bet against Psycho T and crew. So, UConn, Pitt, OU and UNC are my top 4 for now. Hopefully by tournament time, 4 teams will clearly separate themselves from the pack.

As far as Penn State basketball is concerned, I think they can take advantage of a somewhat down year for the Big 10 this year. The Big 10 is a well respected basketball conference and always seems to get it share of teams into the NCAA Tournament each year. And every year, at least one of those teams makes a run. Sitting in 5th in the Big Ten right now, they have an uphill battle, but it is certainly within reach. As of right now I would say that they are NIT bound, but if they can get over 20 regular season wins, and get through 1 or 2 rounds of the Big Ten tourney I'd say they are in. They have some great wins, but also some tough losses. So like a master photographer, we'll have to see what develops.

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  1. Go Eagles, go BC!