Friday, February 6, 2009

An NFL Draft Would Be Pretty Sweet Right Now

As we already know, we are in the doldrums of professional sports right now. The NBA and NHL regular seasons are coasting along and we have not yet reached NCAA hoops tournament time. We simply have no special events to pay attention to right now. With that said, and little research done to support my claim, I think the NFL draft should be held in late February/early March rather than in late April.

When the NFL season ends, which for me is whenever the Eagles are unceremoniously booted from playoff contention, I immediately begin to think of what changes need to be made to my team for the next season. A big factor in this thought process is the NFL draft. However, instead of getting to watch the draft soon after the season ends, as in basketball or hockey, sports fans must endure a grueling 3 month waiting period in which Mel Kiper Jr. is given time to pontificate until the cows come home. By the way, there can only be one draft guru and it is Mel Kiper Jr. Todd McShay can rot in hell as far as I'm concerned. He will never be as good as Mel, nor will his big board cause as much chaos when it is knocked over. As a matter of fact, you can throw Todd McShay in with the rest of the Guy Fieri award Winners from ESPN that I have discussed previously. Anyway, by about version 9.0 of Mel Kiper's mock draft, it seems painfully obvious that the draft should be earlier in the off-season.

By late April when the NFL draft is held, we have already witnessed the start of baseball season, crowned an NCAA basketball champion, and entered round 1 of the NHL and NBA playoffs. Football is an afterthought by that point. There is so much else going on that the NFL draft is low on my priority list. If the NFL draft were some time in February though, it would be very high on my priority list. All we have on the radar in the near future is the NBA All-Star Game.

I'm sure there is a reason for why the NFL draft is when it is. I haven't looked into it, but there are probably a lot of things that need to be done between the end of the Super Bowl and the draft. But it seems to me, that if it can be done in other sports, the NFL draft should be held much closer to the end of the season. It is extremely frustrating to here analysts talking about the NFL draft as soon as the season ends like it is coming up soon, when in fact it is still in the distant future. Come on NFL, give us something to watch during these cruel winter months.

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