Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sports World/Reader Look Alikes

Today's post goes out to the fans. As many of you know, I have drawn many comparisons to ace pitcher and overall model American Brad Penny. So, because I am feeling just fried today, and because there is not much to write about in my mind, I will find all of your athletic twins. Sound like fun? Yeah!

Glenn A. Halstead III: We all know smooth, suave, wrinkly shirted Glenn of New York City. But before he was smoking cloves with beatniks in the east village, he strongly resembled a young Johnny McEnroe.

Casey Dorne: Casey, Casey, Casey, when are you gonna find your look-alike? You might think having a huge dome and flowing locks of red hair would prohibit you from having a twin athlete, but no! Casey Dorne will soon resemble MLB legend Rusty Staub.

Steve Kohut: The obvious choice here is to go with Serena Williams. However, when taking into account the "kid hair", I lean to Bruins All-Star Marc Savard.

Mathew DeLano: Dill pretty strongly resembles Giants TE Kevin Boss, but he will probably want me to go with Scal.

Michael Borst: I'm sure at one point, a Rockville Center, NY area basketball coach saw Borst and thought "project", just like the Sixers brass did when they drafted now legendary Shawn Bradley. If only his hair was spikey or shaggy.

Todd Haselton: I don't know who this person is, but it is a dead ringer for Todd. The picture was found in a Patagonia catalogue that was sent to my apartment with the old tenant's name on it.

Patrick Lyons
: If Pat reverted back to his Christmas break weight at some point, and developed a keen interest in broadcasting football he could replace Kenny Albert, seen here with a young Spanish boy, in a hearbeat.

Dave Rattner: Two words: Reche Caldwell.

Ethan128: We can only guess what you look like Ethan. But I'm gonna guess its something like this.

Tom Humplik: With Dumper I was going to go with fellow countryman and former Flyers goalie Roman Cechmanek, which is also the answer to "What is one of the funniest things to hear someone from South Jersey say?", but I thought his head wasn't big enough. After a while, I got bored and decided on John Jurkovic, master of the trenches in the NFL for years.

Drew Miller: DBillz, I haven't seen your smiling face in ages, so I'm gonna have to go by memory on this one. I will say a young Jason Varitek.

Jeff Woglom: He plays him on tv at least.

This was a lot tougher than I thought it would be. Feel free to add in your own comments as always!


  1. Oh you did it now. I think I look more like a young Boris Becker, former star tennis player for the ignorant out there:

    And Dumper is definitely a mini-Tony Siragusa, I'm just undecided about the mullet:



  2. Patrick Lyons looks like a young Ron Karkovice