Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yo Adrien!! You did it!!

Last night marked the return to glory for the University of Connecticut men's basketball team. In their first game since being ranked #1 in the NCAA Top 25, UConn routed #7 Louisville, coached by Rick Pitino and Rick Pitino Jr., to the tune of 68-51 on national television. With guys like A.J. Price, Hasheem "The Dream" Thabeet, Jerome Dyson and Stanley "The Manly" Robinson, it is easy to seem that this team is stacked with talent. However, it has quietly been lunch pail man Jeff Adrien who is leading the team in scoring and is my vote for team MVP.

If you were to rummage through my closet, after pushing past the Nantucket red pants, the Christmas tree green pants and the seersucker shorts, you would come to my jersey collection. After leafing through classic jerseys like Vlade Divac, Larry Bird, Fletch, Gerry McNamara, Dan Majerle and Larry Bird you might be a little confused when you come upon a UConn Jeff Adrien jersey. However, Adrien is the epitome of everything I root for in a basketball player. He is the hard working guy who's first love is rebounding, and who is not afraid to get his hands dirty around the basket. He is a blue collar player who has worked his ass off four for years, and plays with 100% effort at all times. The fact that he is the leading scorer for UConn merely lends credence to his effort. I will be the first to say that Adrien is NOT a good shooter, but through determination in the lane, and tenacity on the offensive boards, has managed to average 18 points a game this year.

Jeff Adrien is not projected to go high in the NBA Draft this summer, a late second round pick at best, but if you ask me he is exactly what an NBA team should be looking for. He's got an NBA body and the heart of a Larry Bird or Magic Johnson. Bottom line, Jeff Adrien is the reason that the UConn Huskies are #1 in the country right now, and this writer looks for them to make a lot of noise come tournament time. Onward UConnia.

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  1. I won $200 Dbillz on UConn last night. UConn to win, cover (-7) and the under (138). That'll put lead in your pencil!

  2. Thanks for the recognition Mr. Pencil, but I take exception with your previous comments about Michael Phelps. Seeing him smoking a bong makes him more likable to me. Let me explain. At first I thought Phelps seemed like a turd nugget at the '04 Olympics when he didnt reach his medals record. Then he got a DUI and totally redeemed himself. And then he dated one of the Olsen's and lost some of my respect. Next came the '08 olympics and I saw pictures of him with two butterfly tattoos on suggestive places. Needless to say, I was afraid we had another Greg Lougay-nis on our hands. I put that fear aside in the interest in national pride. Now, we see pictures of him ripping bong hits. Also, pictures are out there of him passing out face-down at a strip club. Party on Phelpsy, all those hours in the pool deserve some sort of reward.

  3. Jeremy Hoffman is also a loyal follower of the blog. I thought you only purchased white man jerseys...

  4. Thanks JerBear. That is why it seems so strange in my collection. And who knows the number 4 jersey could be recycled to a white guy next year at UConn

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