Friday, March 6, 2009

Blessing in Disguise?

Yesterday, the news wire was buzzing with the report that Alex Roidriguez will be out for at least 10 weeks due to a torn labrum in his hip. While the Yankees will miss his production during the first seven innings of the game, this may not be all bad. I would like to propose a new curse called the "Curse of the Rod", perhaps we can find a better name for it later. Whatever team A-Rod has been on in his illustrious career has ultimately failed to win a World Series. With Rod out, the Yankees might just be able to come together as a team, put all of A-Rod's baggage behind them and take the league by storm. If this occurs, they must just want A Rod to stay out for the whole season.

Alex Rodriguez is no doubt one of the most skilled players in all of baseball, however he has no World Series hardware to prove that he can lead a team (even with the star studded supporting cast of the Yankees) to a championship. In his 4 years in Seattle, the Mariners made the playoffs twice but only went as far as the ALCS. As a side note, the year after he left for Texas the Mariners won a major league record tying 116 games. In his three years in Texas, a team that was once on the verge of greatness in '98 and '99 finished 4th in the AL West for three consecutive years. Finally, in A Rod's 5 years in New York, the Yankees have witnessed their arch rivals the Boston Red Sox win 2 championships and even failed to make the playoffs last season. I wouldn't say that failure follows A-Rod wherever he goes, but if a team is looking for a World Series title I don't think he is the guy to win it for you. It's "The Curse of the Rod".

This year has been a whirlwind of controversy for Alex Rodriguez. He has admitted to using performance enhancing drugs while with the Rangers, leaving many to question whether he is telling the entire truth, and has reporters following him wherever he goes. This is probably normal for a team like the New York Yankees, but A Rod has become even more of a distraction nonetheless. His injury could prove to be a good thing for them.

With A Rod out, the focus with the Yankees again becomes baseball. No longer will the questions to every player be about A Rod. Now, guys like Derek Jeter and Mark Texeira can step up and lead this team with out the A Rod sideshow. In my opinion, this could give the Yankees a real shot in the arm and I'm worried. It is my hope that A Rod comes back so that the double curse of being the highest paid team in baseball and "The Curse of the Rod" (pending) really bite the Yankees. With A Rod out though, the Yankees will see the error of their ways over the past 9 years and once again begin to play like a team instead of a bunch of over-paid individuals.


  1. You have a typo in your first paragraph. I believe you meant "Labia" not "labrum". Use F7 spell check next time.

  2. Perhaps he's a "Lightning Rod"?