Monday, March 16, 2009

The Massachusetts Miracle Man is Back!

Ladies and Gentlemen, to my left and yours you will find a picture of Minnesota Miracle Man and recently dubbed "Best Coach Ever" Gordon Bombay. He led the Mighty Ducks to a State Championship, A gold medal in the Junior Goodwill Games and helped them keep their scholarships to Eden Hall, giving them a real shot in the arm and helping propel them to victory over the Varsity team. Before he won the title of "Best Coach Ever" though, Gordon himself had his character tested. Don Tibbles of Hendrix Hockey had him believing the hype, and bowing down to corporate sponsors. He forgot about the well being of his team in search of a Gordon Bombay coaching shoe endorsement. Well folks, I too am guilty of falling prey to corporate hype. Adsense had me going crazy to generate ad money, but they recently disabled my account to "protect their advertisers". Translation: I was cooking the books. Now that my account has been disabled, I can get back to my true passion of writing about sports. And what a great weekend in sports to recount. Let's get going!

In basketball, we had the tournament seeds announced. March Madness is one of the greatest, if not the greatest thing ever. Let's look at some interesting stories with this; I didn't think UConn deserved a 1 seed after losing two games in a row to end the season. However, no other team besides Louisville did anything to strengthen their case in my book, c'est la vie. For those of you looking for a few bracket busters, I see VCU making some noise, BC possibly going to the Sweet 16 or further (or getting knocked out in the first round, very hot and cold), I see Illinois as the perennial #5 seed knocked out in the first round, and possibly Portland St. over Xavier as a #13/#4 upset. Also, I think that any of the #1 seeds could get upset in as early as the second round, very strange year this year. Speaking of upset, I'm sure that DBillz is as upset as I am about Penn St. not making the tourney. I thought their regular season spoke for itself. Shit ain't right man.

In WBC land we saw USA get absolutely pulverized by Puerto Rico 11-1, then respond by pummeling The Netherlands. In the game against the Netherlands we also saw some intensity from Team USA as Matt Lindstrom threw at a Netherlands player after being shown up on a home run by the previous batter. David Wright also yelled at the player from the dugout. If Lindstrom hadn't injured himself in the process I would have liked it, even though that previous batter didn't really gloat that much. At least Team USA is showing that they are into it. I am worried for the next game against the loser of Puerto Rico vs. Venezuela though. Venezuela has come alive and would be facing Ted Lilly "the lilly pad" who they've already gotten to once, and we have seen very recently what Puerto Rico is capable of doing to Team USA. If they are able to advance to the next round, if would be a major accomplishment. Am I the only one who cares about this by the way? My uncle was calling me out for it.

Finally, we had Phil Mickelson or "Fat Phil" as I call him win at Doral's "Blue Monster" to take the World Golf Championship. I couldn't tell you anything that happened at this because I heard Phil Mickelson was winning so I decided to watch Jackass 2 for the 50th time instead. I heard he had to go to the hospital for heat exhaustion though, what a loser. I don't know what it is about Phil Mickelson but I just can't stand him. We need Tiger or someone else to step up and knock this joker off of his pedastal.

It's great to be back. Now let's get pumped for tournament time and the thrilling conclusion to the WBC!

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  1. Yea dude, happy to have the authentic blog back, not that corporate hijacked shit. The last time I saw that large a sellout was when Zack Morris ditched the Bayside crew to hang out with that pot-smoker Johnny Dakota. He righted his wrong, now its your turn to prove it.