Friday, March 20, 2009

Second Day Picks

Yesterday's games didn't give us much excitement. My upset pick VCU almost pulled it off after trailing double digits in the second half. Villanova came from way behind to save my bracket, and the WKU Hilltoppers provided the perennial 12/5 upset, although they frittered away a huge lead at the end. Before today's early games go final, I will give you my picks for today. This way I can say I told you so, or look like an idiot before people say that I didn't make those picks.

Pitt over Eastern Tennessee State

Okla. St. over Tennessee (really hating on Tennessee today)

Fla. St. over Wisconsin

Portland State over Xavier

Temple over Arizona State

Cuse over Stephen F. Austin

Mizzou over Cornell (Sorry Nard Dog)

Utah State over Marquette

Michigan State over Robert Morris (Sorry Hank Fraley)

BC over USC

Kansas over North Dakota State

West Virginia over Dayton

Wake Forest over Cleveland St.

Utah over Arizona (hating on Arizona too)

Siena over Ohio State

Louisville over "Craven" Morehead St.

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