Thursday, April 9, 2009

Masters Update

While watching the Masters scoreboard on today I was very pleased with what I saw. The Shark and Ogilvy are both at -2 and tied for 17th. Fat Phil finished at 1 over(weight) par. The story of the tournament so far though has been MY BOY Chad Campbell at -9 last I checked. Allow me to expound on why Chad Campbell is my boy. At the TPC Boston last year, I got the pleasure of watching Chad play a few holes in succession. After a few Michelob Lights, and after he had hit his shot of course, I yelled "CHAAAAAAAAD" in his general direction. Seeing as there were about 10 people in his vicinity and there was no need to yell at all, Chad naturally was a bit startled by what had come to pass and looked around for the perp. To smooth things over I gave a thumbs up when he looked in my direction. He acknowledged my support with a nod and walked up to the green. He is the man. I have a feeling it was that day that led him to be a Ryder Cup pick as well. Yes Chad Campbell, you are the man. Looking forward to watching the highlights when I get home.

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