Monday, April 27, 2009

NFC Draft Grades

Six picks. Count 'em. I got six picks out of 32 correct in my mock draft. Although it does shoot up to 8 if you count that I picked Josh Freeman to go 17th and Jeremy Maclin to go 19th, just to different teams. Overall though, I must give myself the grade of n00b for my mock draft this year. Now that the hard part is over with, I have the much more enviable task of giving each team a grade based on their draft weekend. I will start with the NFC today. In my opinion, the Eagles, Giants and Detroit all did really well on draft weekend while the Cowboys, Bucs and Bears didn't do much to impress. Here are my draft grades for each team:

Washington Redskins: C+
The 'Skins got Brian Orakpo in the first round which I consider to be a steal at the 13th pick, but they didn't get much after that. However, they made a great signing in Missouri Qb Chase Daniel after the draft. The Redskins now have a dominant defensive line, but could suffer from the highest paid NFL team stigma next year.

New York Giants: B+
The Giants had some good picks this year considering their late round placement. Hakeem Nicks will provide some help replacing Plexiglass Burress, and OT William Beatty was a great pick at the end of the second round. I also love the selection of bad boy Rhett Bomar in the later rounds.

Dallas Cowboys: D-
Dallas pretty much wasted their draft in trading for WR Roy Williams during the regular season, and he looked awful in Big D so they lose major points for that. The one pick I did like by Dallas is Stephen McGee, the QB out of Texas A&M. Reminds me of a Paul Blake aka Scott Bakula in "Necessary Roughness" type.

Philadelphia Eagles: A
The Eagles got two steals in the draft when they were able to pick up Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy with their first two picks. They will both help right away in Philly. Cornelius Ingram was also a great pick and will more than make up for the departed L.J. Smith. The Eagles were also able to package a few picks to the Pats for CB Ellis Hobbs providing more immediate help in the secondary, especially if Sheldon Brown gets his wish of being shipped out of town. After years of being pissed off by so many bad draft picks in Philly (Antone Davis, Jon Harris, Mike Mamula, Freddie Mitchell, Jermane Mayberry, Shawn Bradley, Sharone Wright, Larry Hughes, J.D. Drew) I feel like the Eagles did us proud this year. They were also able to stockpile a few picks for next year as well. Bang up job Andy, go get some cheeseburgers.


Chicago Bears: C-
The Bears traded their first round pick this year and next year for Jay Cutler. Some say this was a huge plus for the Bears, I don't see it that way. Cutler has proven nothing over the past two years except that he has a strong arm and is a bitch. No playoffs, no leadership. This is worth two firsts and a third rounder? I don't think so. What's worse is that the Bears got no receiving help for him in this year's draft. Juaquin Iglesias sounds like more of a singer than a football player. They did get the guy who can jump out of a pool though.

Minnesota Vikings: B
The Vikings did quite a bit with only a few picks this year. Love the Percy Harvin pick (especially because I called it) and I think it could really make their offense dangerous. They then added help on the O-line and in the secondary. Pretty good job. Would have liked to see them take a chance on a QB late though.

Detroit Lions: B+
The Lions had three great picks in my opinion. Matt Stafford, Brandon Pettigrew and DerrickWilliams will overhaul an offense that was awful last year. If they had addressed their running back and O-line needs in the earlier rounds they would have gotten an even higher grade. Still, the Lions finally got a few things right though.

Green Bay Packers: B-
The Packers helped their defense immensely with B.J. "Lessgoeeeegullls" Raji and Clay Matthews. Nick Barnett, A.J. Hawk and Clay Matthews will make for a stout linebacking corps, and Raji will help Aaron Kampman in the trenches. Looks for Green Bay to improve immensely on D next year.

Atlanta Falcons: C+
After acquiring Tony Gonzalez, the Falcons focus became drafting defensive players. They did ok, but I felt they could have gotten some more impact guys considering their draft positions. Ray Maualuga or Clay Matthews were still available in round 1, and a CB might have made more sense in round 2. Improvement nonetheless though.

Carolina Panthers: C-
Everette Brown was a good pick for Carolina at 43, but I didn't like any of their other picks to be honest. A running back and a fullback in the 4th round? What about Smash and Crash or whatever their names are? I thought Carolina would have been wise to go after a QB somewhere in the draft too. Boo-urns.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: D
Another QB? The Bucs QB stable is quickly becoming the Angels outfield of football. What's the solution? Add another one! The Bucs could have used a wide receiver on offense, but they got another QB. I bet Kellen Winslow is loving being traded to Tampa. He's the only guy they have to throw to.

New Orleans Saints: C
With only 4 picks, the Saints did what they could to try and improve their defense. Love the trade up to draft a punter as well. The Saints must have been shaking in their boots that he wouldn't fall down to them.

Arizona Cardinals: C+
Arizona had a decent draft picking up Beanie Wells late in Round 1 to replace the Edge. They also improved their defense in the later rounds with Cody Brown and Rashad Johnson. Nothing spectacular, but not bad at all. Now they just have to make Anquan Boldin happy somehow.

San Francisco 49ers: B
Michael Crabtree was a steal at pick number 10, but I thought they could have done better in the 3rd round than Glen Coffee. He is a good player, but the Niners already have Frank Gore and Michael Robinson. Surely they could have filled more of a need position here. I like Nate Davis in the 5th round though. His last two games in college really led to a drop in his draft position and the 49ers are buying low as a possible solution to their QB carousel.

Seattle Seahawks: B-
The Seahawks went by the "best available" strategy and may have gotten the best player in the draft in Aaron Curry. I thought Mark Sanchez might have been a better pick there, or they could have gotten a ton of picks in return from the Jets, but Curry is not a bad choice at all. They also got a good tackle in Max Unger and a great receiver in Deon Butler. I would have liked to see a cornerback picked somewhere in the draft though, especially since they picked up T.J. Houshmanzadeh in the offseason already.

St. Louis Rams: B-
The Rams got what they needed in Jason Smith to replace Orlando Pace, and James Lauranaitis was a good second round pick. Would have liked to see them grab a TE or WR a little earlier though. They do have a guy named Horace Gant on their roster though who could be a good target.

That's all for the NFC. Feel free to add your thoughts. AFC will be sliced and diced tomorrow.


  1. I can't wait for tomorrow! Darrius Heyward Bey!

    By the way Tony Reali told me to tell you that the "NFC Central" is typically referred to as the "NFC North".

    Also, an A for the Eagles? I'm skeptical.

  2. Also, a mention of Michael Robinson, Derrick Williams AND Deon Butler in one blog entry?? It must be my birthday!

  3. Boy, in my day it was the NFC Central dag nabbit!