Tuesday, April 7, 2009

On the Heels of Victory

This year's March Madness was not great in terms of drama and Cinderella stories. Because of this my bracket was destroyed before it even got going. Teams like BC, West Virginia, VCU and Temple lay on the cutting room floor after round 1 and had my bracket looking like an English test taken by Zutroy from the Simpsons with all the red marks on it. Furthermore, my UConn Huskies got beaten in the Final Four, ending any hopes I had of winning some March Madness pool money. In all though, North Carolina proved that they are a deserving champion. They had a solid core of players who saw their careers through to their senior year and put the ultimate cap on their time in college. They are a deserving team and I am glad that they won.

A few months back I made a post about my admiration for collegians who play all 4 years of college sports before going pro. I highlighted why it was selfish to go pro, and why staying in college was so much better anyway. One of the players that I highlighted was one of the fellas playing in last night's game: Tyler Hansbrough. Do you think he's glad that he stayed in college now? To quote Adam Sandler in the Schmitt's Gay Beer commercial, "uh, yah". As a matter of fact the Tar Heels had 7 seniors on this year's championship squad. While some of them are jockeys on the pine pony, Tyler Hansbrough and Danny Green definitely could have jumped for the draft early, but decided to stay so that they could bring home a title to Chapel Hill. I applaud them for making the right decision, and with the help of "Deputy Dog" Roy Williams they were able to achieve their dream.

Hopefully other players will take a tip from this UNC team. Most notably, Blake Griffin is said to have planned a press conference tomorrow to announce his decision on staying at OU or going pro. Though he has already won a Naismith Award for Player of the Year as a sophomore, how much sweeter would a national championship be? Not to mention a college degree. Not too shabby. Stick around Blake, maybe the Sooners can become the Tar Heels in a few years.


  1. Besides one shining moment, i'd say the best moment of last night was Bobby Knight and the fellow coaches in the Risky Business spoof commercial. I'm surprised given Pitino's ego he allowed Knight to be lead singer of their Fruit of the Loom band.

  2. whats even more ironic is that during L'villes senior night they played the very same video on the jumbotron starring Earle Clark, T Will, Andre McGee and the Rhodes Scholar himself Will Scott. looks like that song will haunt Pitino forever...