Friday, April 24, 2009

Pretty Please

With less than 24 hours remaining before the draft, the news broke that the Cardinals have lowered their trade demands for disgruntled wide receiver Anquan Boldin. As a believer in the theory that the Eagles never win because they don't have a good receiving corps, I think that the Eagles should do everything in their power to swing a trade for Boldin.

I don't know what more evidence the Eagles need that their offense needs an overhaul at receiver. Let's look at the facts: they have made the playoffs again and again with average wide receivers, but they made the Super Bowl in the one year that they had an elite wideout. I seem to recall the likes of Freddie Mitchell, Todd Pinkston, Na Brown, Donte Stallworth (who killed a man), James Thrash etc. helping the Eagles get to the playoffs, but it was the one year that the Eagles had T.O., though he didn't play in the playoffs until the Super Bowl, that they made the Super Bowl.

It was in this year that the Eagles were really considered to be an elite team, going 8-0 before getting beaten by Pittsburgh and finally getting over the hump of the NFC Championship. If the Eagles were able to combine Boldin with Desean Jackson they would be extremely dangerous this year. Please, give Donovan McNabb his wish of more weapons on offense. How many more years does this team have to contend? Westbrook and McNabb have been the franchise offensive players for years now. I would think that the front offense, instead of trying to remain "competitive", would want to load up for another Super Bowl run before these guys get too old. The whole situation is almost too frustrating to write about.

Anyway, I implore the Eagles brass not to further their reputation in my book as the Oakland A's of football and do what they can to acquire Anquan Boldin. He is worth far more than any late first or second round pick (not quite sure what Arizona is asking for Boldin) and could help an aging team to get back to the Super Bowl and perhaps win it.


  1. The front offense? Maclin was a steal at 19. Please come out with draft grade analysis. And please don't give the Raiders an F. Unless it means Fantastic Draft.

  2. Yeah, just like my favorite tv show starring Michael Scott, "The Offense".