Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Time for Reflection

With the first week of baseball in the books, I thought it would be a good time to take an early look back to see how my predictions in each division are doing so far. I know that it is a long season, but I'm sure we can find some things that I was way wrong and way right about that will be important for the whole season. Let's go:

AL East- The O's and Jays are in first and second. WTF?

Things I was right about:
1. Wang struggles in return from injury

2. Sabathia has trouble early in return to AL

3. George Sherrill STILL an adventure at closer (much to the dismay of my fantasy team)

4. Don't count on much from Mikey Lowell.

5. Pat Burrell being a model human being.

Things I was wrong about:
1. The Sox pitching being awesome. With the exception of Brad Penny, they've been terrible. Hope still lingers for Jon Lester's Cy Young campaign though.

2. That watching Toronto play would be awful. I give myself half credit on this one. They are torching the ball and their lineup is way better than I thought, but it is still boring to watch them.

3. That the Rays lineup would come back to earth. Evan Longoria: 5 hrs already. damn.

PLEASANT SURPRISE: Ricky Romero, P Jays (possible former menudo member)

AL Central- The Indians are killing me.

Things I was right about:
1. Cliff Lee not as good as last year. Kobe!

2. Royals are a nice surprise. Definitely improved. Pitching well.

3. Twins lineup is weak

4. Shin Soo Choo (aka Tie my shoe) is doing well.

Things I was wrong about:
1. The Indians being good.

2. Carl Pavano doing well out of New York

3. Coco Liriano being the Ace of the Twins. Glen Perkins is that guy so far.

PLEASANT SURPRISE: Glen Perkins, P Twins

AL West- Good to have Griffey back. M's in first

Things I was right about:
1. Mariners rotation will be good. With the exception of a bad last outing by King Felix (fantasy team curse) they are all pitching well.

2. Oakland's lineup is stout once again. No name pitching staff is doing ok too.

3. Rangers are bopping the ball

4. Jarrod Saltalamacchia is definitely a jersey sewers nightmare.

Things I was wrong about:
1. Kevin "Thrillwood" being a bad pitcher ( I still believe it though)

2. Wesley Mareo loving my prediction. He doesn't believe in the A's this year. Maybe a sweep at the hands of the Sawx will change his mind.

3. Russ Branyan being a void. He is only sub par player.

PLEASANT SURPRISE: Endy Chavez, OF Mariners

NL East- This is gonna be a dog fight.

Things I was right about:
1. The Mets rotation behind Santana not being great.

2. Josh Johnson will be good this year.

3. The Nats are bad: 0-7 so far.

4. Ibanez making up for the loss of Pat Burrell.

Things I was wrong about:
1. D. Lowe not making up for Tim Hudson

2. Ricky Nolasco, not so much

3. Brett Myers, even less

PLEASANT SURPRISE: Emilio Bonifacio, 3b Marlins

NL Central- Oh those boys are way too much, those boys are way too much. (Replace boys with Cubs)

Things I was right about:
1. Milton Bradley being injury prone. Yessssssssss

2. The Brewers pitching being real bad.

3. If you flip flop the Brewers and Astros, my predictions for finishing places are correct so far.

Things I was wrong about:
1. Houston not having a problem putting runs on the board.

2. Could be wrong about Carpenter if he comes back from his rib injury ok.

--Pretty spot on in the Central so far other than those two small errors

PLEASANT SURPRISE: Aaron Harang "brain", P Reds

NL West- Padres pulling a fast one

Things I was right about:
1. Broxton throwing gas.

2. Co Jack ready for a breakout year. He crushed one last night.

3. The Giants lineup sucks. Pablo Sandoval thought to be the main reason

Things I was wrong about:
1. The Giants rotation being good

2. The Padres being a shell of a team.

3. The Rockies having a solid bullpen. Stairs took Huston Street DEEP.

PLEASANT SURPRISE: Felipe Lopez, 2b D'Backs

All these things that are right and wrong at this point could change throughout the season. It has been very interesting so far. Let me know your thoughts.

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  1. thanks for the shout out dawg. i might be coming around on your angle, though . . . drafted a bunch of young oakland arms in the fantasy draft last night, in part with my confidence bolstered by your bold prediction for the success of their club. we shall see how it all shakes out. you know, like, in the grand scheme of things in this thing that we call our lives.