Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What's All This About Farva?

Here we go again ladies and germs. It seems inevitable that when the weather begins to warm each year Brett Favre decides that he wants to play football again. I for one am getting pretty tired of the whole Brett Favre story. I never thought that he was that good even when he was playing at his best on the Packers and I am certainly sick of his antics now. My advice to Brad Childress and Minnesota is to do yourself a favor and pass on Brett Favre or, as my grandfather would pronounce it Brett "Fay-vree" giving us a good carbon date of pre 1991 for when he lost his hearing. The man (Favre, not my grandfather) is not what he used to be. And even if he was what he used to be, that still ain't that good.

Brett Favre is like a $5.99 chinese food buffet. People love the idea of it, but sooner or later it turns out to be a bad idea. His persona of being a "gunslinger" and "loving the game like a kid" make him seem like the perfect guy to have under center, but Favre's lovable personality has masked his deteriorating play over time. When I watch him play these days I do not fear a deep touchdown strike at all, but look at his deep balls as more likely to be intercepted than anything. The man still thinks he can throw a football like John Elway can throw a vortex, but his arm isn't that powerful anymore. This leads him to make a lot of bad decisions out on the field and throw a lot of interceptions.

Another aspect of Brett Favre's cool southern guy persona that was overlooked until last year is his relationship with his teammates. The man is a 39 year old from Gulfport, Mississippi. He is from a different generation. What do you think that he and a guy like Adrian Peterson or Percy Harvin (called that pick) would have in common? Favre seemed to alienate himself from his teammates last year, and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened again in Minnesota. Think about it, he'd been rocking out to Mississippi Queen or something by Motley Crue while the other players were trying to listen to Freak-a-Leak or whatever it is those damn kids listen to these days.

I think Brett Favre would probably be a cool guy to hang out with. He makes Wrangler jeans seem pretty awesome and is probably a really good person. However, when it comes to him playing in the NFL, I've been pretty tired of him for a while. Its time for old Fay-vree to go the way of other legends from his era like Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan and Greg Maddux and hang up his spikes for good. He would be doing himself and the team(s) that are courting his services a great favor.

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  1. I'd say Brett Favre is like an order of steamed dumplings from #1. You've heard good things, they look good on the outside and taste good at first. Eventually before you know it you've consumed 6 of these little heaven puffs and your stomach is roaring louder than the crowd at Lambert (John Kerry) Field. About a half hour later the rapid expulsion begins and you wish you never ordered #1 to begin with.