Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back From Vacation

Sorry for the delay in posting since number 101. I have been on vacation for the last few days. Now I am back, refreshed, and ready to kick ass. A lot has happened since my last post. Jacko has died, Billy Mays has died, the NBA Draft occurred, and Yao Ming might possibly be out of basketball for good. I will try to provide a little bit of insight on all of these goings on in the world.

Yao Ming's broken foot has sent shockwaves around the NBA that he might be out for all of next year, or that his career might possibly be over. I for one am not sruprised. Do these really big man (talking over 7 '3") prospects ever really pan out? Yao Ming joins a list of guys like Manute Bol, Gheorghe Muresan, Shawn Bradley, and Ralph Sampson that have been ineffective NBA players. These guys are too big for their own good. They either get injured, or are just not built to play in the NBA. I'd much rather have a guy that is 6'10" and 275 than a 7'4", 245 pound pterodactyl. Tall and awkward is no way to make it in the NBA.

Speaking of the NBA, the draft was held last Thursday. Minnesota looked like pretty big dummies by drafting 3 PG's in the first round. They could have rebuilt their franchise this year, but instead got 3 guys that can't all play at the same time. If I were in Minnesota's war room, my first three picks probably would have been something like Ricky Rubio, Demar Derozan, then maybe a Taj Gibson or BJ Mullens type. Other than that, nothing really surprised me about the draft. I'm pretty happy with the Sixers choice of Jrue Holliday, though I don't like how he spells his name at all. Also, I'd look for either Blake Griffin or Tyreke Evans to be the front runners for Rookie of the Year next year.

Now for the big news, Jacko and Billy Mays. Billy Mays could talk a dog off a meat wagon. He could sell anything to anybody. Look at that crap he peddled on tv. I doubt any of it worked, but didn't you want to buy it? I bet he nailed his wife within the first 10 minutes he met her. A salesman of Brasky like magnitude. As for Michael Jackson, his death really put things in perspective. For the past 15 years, all we remember him for is being a big time creep show. He had turned from a black male into a white female and fitting his new persona was going after little boys. What we forgot about was all the great music he made before that. Even into the early 90s he was putting out great stuff. His music catalogue is unmatched. Truly the King of Pop. Unfortunately I will be selling my ticket to the Neverland Ranch now though.


  1. Yao's NBA career may be over, but his acting career hasn't even begun to flourish.

    My Giant 2: Yellow Fever

    Starring Yao Ming and Seth Rogen.

    I bet you had to look up how to spell Pterodactyl.

  2. Former redhead Mark Eaton had a distinguished career in the NBA and he was 7'6. But you're right, tall guys have about as long a shelf life in the NBA as talented pornstars do. There is far too much bumping and grinding, taking a huge toll on the knees. After a couple years, they can barely reach for the ball(s), and barely stick it in the hole.