Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back to Work

Now that the mammoth 100th post is over and done with, we can get back to the hot topics in the sports world today. Residents of the Northeast are praying that someday soon the sun will come back from wherever the hell it has been for the entire month of June. The rain of course played a huge part in the U.S. Open at Bethpage last weekend. Some players got to play when the course was nice and soft, and scoring was good. Meanwhile others had to play when the rain was at its worst, and then again when the course was back to being its same old difficult self. In my opinion, this was partly why Lucas Glover came away with the championship. However, guys like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and David Duval should be kicking themselves for letting this one get away.

We predicted it all weekend long. There was no way that Ricky "Stupid Hat" Barnes and Lucas Glover would stay so far ahead of the field. They were due to come back to earth. Well on Monday they did. Unfortunately no one was able to put a good enough round together to catch them.

I was pulling for David Duval all weekend. It is great to see him back on the PGA Tour and successful once again. Unfortunately, his putting failed him on the 17th and put him back down to -2, essentially securing the U.S. Open for Glover. Dave is back in a big way though, and that in my opinion is the biggest story from Bethpage this weekend.

Fat Phil showed glimpses of his past when he choked it up on the 17th hole after being tied for the lead. I received these text messages from a friend of mine as it unfolded: : "I wanna see Phil miss this short one and double bogey 18" at 12:47pm, followed by "Yessssssss" at 12:47pm. My sentiments exactly. New Yorkers may love Fat Phil, but New York golf courses certainly don't. Glad to see him choke again. All of his "outfits" were god awful too. Who does he think he is, a mobster?

Tiger Woods should really be quite upset with himself after this weekend. Though he probably got the worst of the weather, there is no way he should have been even par at tournament's end. I didn't see him make one putt over about 5 feet all weekend. This tournament should have been his, but now it is just a missed opportunity. Too bad.

Congrats to Lucas Glover on the win. He came down a little on Monday, but managed to keep it together more so than Ricky Barnes, and played smart golf all the way through. He didn't get too emotional out there and just played within himself. Nicely done Lucas, but next time it will definitely not be so easy.

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  1. I hope the line "Dave is back in a big way though,...." was an intended pun cuz that vertigo havein' bastard has had one too many cheesedornes.