Wednesday, June 10, 2009

MLB Draft Draws Mixed Reviews

For what I assume was the first time ever last night, the first round of this year's Major League Baseball draft was televised on the MLB Network. As you know, I am a great fan of this station, so I decided to tune in for a little while. I was not that impressed with what I saw. For the most part, I took away from the whole thing that Major League Baseball talent evaluation is very hit or miss. I also have a few names to tuck under my cap until they re-surface in the majors in a few years. The MLB is going to have to really spice up the draft if they expect people to watch it in the future.

The first thing that struck me about the MLB Draft was the location. It was held in Studio 42 of the MLB Network office. Not quite Radio City Music Hall or Madison Square Garden. Moreover, there was nobody there except for the representatives from each team who awkwardly clapped after each selection. It sounded like a book club meeting or something. Also, the representatives from each team didn't look like they were actually doing anything. They were just sitting there. Before commercials, the cameras would pan over to them and the reps would be reading the paper or something. I have no idea why they were there.

Bud Selig was another problem for the MLB Draft (and baseball in general for that matter). He was mispronouncing names, cities and was very emotionless in general. He is a terrible commissioner. No surprise that he sucked in running the draft last night.

Finally, the draft was difficult to watch because I have no idea who most of these guys being drafted are. Naturally, Steven Strasburg being picked was what piqued my interest initially. But I didn't know who most, if any of the other guys were.

While it was interesting to hear about certain players' potential, and how teams go about drafting guys (the ability to sign them without overpaying being a HUGE factor), the televising of the MLB Draft might not be very popular. Nobody knows who the players are, there is no guaranteeing that they will be on the pro club any time soon, and there is not much of a fan demand for it. MLB Network might be well advised to skip this event next year and just show more classic games. Those are awesome.

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  1. I'd say the draft's excitement level ranked somewhere in between a nursing home quilting session and a deaf kid spelling bee. I always thought to build interest guys should only be allowed to be drafted by the major league team closest to their college. I.e. all players from the great BC eagle team of 09 would be sent to the Red Sox whether they like it or not. This would at least build lasting fan involvement in college baseball too.