Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Say It Is Sosa

News of Sammy Sosa's positive drug test in 2003 has sent shock waves throughout the baseball community and the world. Just kidding. Did anyone think that this guy was not on steroids? Honestly. It is pretty funny to think that this dude had a corked bat and was on steroids at the same time and still only hit 40 home runs. Sosa's actions have pretty much made us numb to steroid use in baseball. This needs to change.

Nothing surprises us any more. By the time Sosa came back with the Rangers in 2006, my friend Tommy and I were actually sarcastically rooting for him as he approached 600 homers because it was so obvious that he had been using steroids. How can we fix this problem in baseball? I have proposed that those players guilty of steroid use be completely ignored for eternity, but perhaps more needs to be done. We need to create a culture where good is rewarded along with bad being punished.

How often do we hear about players failing steroid tests? Quite a bit right? But how often do you hear about players that have been randomly drug screened, and pass? Never. We only hear about when the bad guys get caught, but we never reward the good guys. For instance, I have always wondered about Ryan Howard and PED's. I have always assumed that he doesn't use, but I have no proof. I would love to see "Ryan Howard passes random drug screening" on the ESPN bottom line. This way we would know for sure who we can put our faith in.

Moreover, we need to release the list of everyone who has ever failed a drug test. No more of this releasing one or two big names, that is not fair to the guilty players or the fans. We need to know who has used and who hasn't. It is a matter of credibility.

We need to clear the air in baseball. We need to know who is innocent and who is guilty. If we have a guy like A-Rod who has been guilty in the past, we need to make sure he is clean now. If we have guys like Raul Ibanez or Albert Pujols who are catching heat from bloggers for being on the juice, release their positive tests to prove the doubters wrong. We need to bring honesty and integirty back into the game. Otherwise, we will never really know what to think, and continue to remain numb to all the steroid allegations.


  1. Not only would making these lists public bring some faith back, it would also provide us with some hardy LOL's at the expense of the douche's who juiced and amounted to nothing. If your going to take roids, at least put up some large numbers!!!

  2. After reading your post, I found myself fist pumping in agreement. I think the best way to shame these players is to release before and after images of all those implicated, just to make further visual evidence of these scoundrels. We could put a side-by-side comparison of Sammy Suser during his Texas Rangers days with a picture of him hugging fellow roid-hound Mike McGwire. That'd really get his goat.

  3. is there a us open preview post coming???