Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Two Fer Tuesday

I just plain forgot to post an entry yesterday, so to make up for it I will address to two topics in today's entry. The first topic I will discuss is the dismissal of King James from the NBA Playoffs. A lot of people are giving him grief for walking off the court before shaking hands with the Orlando Magic and most notably Dwight Howard. Honestly, who cares? Does anyone really care about this? Dwight Howard said he was hurt, but I doubt that he even cares. He is just saying that because it is what the NBA wants him to say. I have no problem with Lebron walking off the court without shaking hands and hugging the Magic players for a job well done.

If there is one thing that pisses me off more than anything, it is seeing baseball players talk to the guys on the other team while they are on base. Granted, players don't play their whole career on one team anymore because of free agency and the like, but if I were a first baseman I wouldn't talk to anybody. You are getting paid to beat the opposing team, not make friends with them. Pete Rose had the right idea when he decked that catcher in the All-Star Game; no mercy.

The same can be said for this Lebron situation. His team just got shown the door by the Magic, so why go over and be friendly with them? He was probably pissed off for getting embarrassed in the playoffs after making a mockery of the regular season schedule. Who cares if he is the "face of the league"? He didn't act like a tool and went to the locker room to deal with his emotions. Maybe this will be a good thing for sports. Too much chummy-ness going on. We need to get back to the days when teams actually were rivals and didn't like each other.

Now for part 2: a mail bag (which has been fairly full lately, lets keep it going) from the Donk. He writes:

"I know it will be probably painful for you to say anything positive about the New York Yankees but I feel there 18 game error less streak is a pretty big deal. I haven't seen a post in a few days so maybe this could be some new material before the NBA finals."

Well it will be tough, but I will try. This streak is not a big deal in my mind because of its length. I'm sure there have been many many teams that have had errorless streaks in the teens before. To me it is so impressive because it has really launched the Yankees in the right direction. In those 18 games, the Yanks are 14-4 and defense has been the cornerstone of the turnaround.

Being a Phillies fan, each year I am forced to watch the Phils play the Nationals about 15 times. These games are painful to endure. The Nationals have a decent lineup and even though their pitching is bad, it is their defense that kills them. It seems like each time they take a lead, their defense makes some boneheaded play to give the lead back to the other team. In a game against the Phillies recently, I think the Nats made two or three errors in the same inning putting the game away for good. Errors can really spell doom for a team, so it is refreshing to see a defense that does not waste outs.

If any team, and I mean any team, went on an 18 game errorless streak like the Yankees did I guarantee that their record during that span would be over .500. With the Yankees bats and pitching though, they have been able to make this streak really count and take over first place in the AL East. I tip my cap to them.

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