Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All Star Game Preview

Before I get to my All Star game preview, let me share a few of my observations from the Home Run Derby last night. First things first, what the hell was that contest before the derby? That was the stupidest and most awkward 5 minutes of tv I have ever seen. Secondly, let me reiterate how much I hate Chris Berman, Joe Morgan and Steve Phillips. First words out of Joe Morgan's mouth last night, "I was voted into that All Star Game, but I was injured so I couldn't play." Dear Joe Morgan, nobody gives a FUCK about you. Moreover, if I hear Chris Berman's "as Maxwell Smart would say, "missed it by THAT much"" routine one more time, I'm gonna stab someone. Who finds these people entertaining? Their awfulness is starting to become comical. Instead of watching the Home Run Derby contestants, let's give half of the tv screen to Joe Buck and listen to him talk about his hair. God. On the lighter side of things, Nellie Cruz has one of the easiest power swings I have ever seen. He and Ernie Els must be boys. And that ends my Home Run Derby rant. Onto the real thing.

This will finally be the year for the National League. Yep, I said it. I think the biggest factor in the NL's favor is pitching. With guys like Johan Santana, Tim Lincecum and Danny Haren as starters and Coco Cordero, Heath Bell and K Rod shutting it down, the NL is finally stacked with live arms. My one request is to please leave Trevor Hoffman out of the game.

The AL has some solid arms too with Halladay, Greinke and Beckett, but with the exception of Beckett, they have not been pitching very well as of late. I think they are hittable. However, with Rivera, Papelbon and Nathan in the bullpen, the NL had better get a lead early. The biggest mistake for the AL would be putting Tim Wakefield in, he can be taken deep at any time.

As for hitting, I would definitely give the advantage to the NL. With the exceptions of Catcher and 3rd base, I would say the the NL is better at every position. They get the nod in the outfield because of Josh Hamilton's limited time this year. I'm also expecting Charlie Manuel to get creative with the lineup so that 2 of his 3-headed monster of Albert, RyHo and Prince Fielder can be playing at the same time. Maybe move Albert to 3rd base? It could be a little tricky, but its definitely a good problem to have.

As I said before, I picture the NL winning by a count of 7-4. Danny Haren will get the W and Albert will have slugged a 2 or 3 run homer on his way to being named MVP. The AL has had a good run, but its time for it to come to an end.

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  1. Now that Longoria is out, the NL is better at 3rd base too.