Monday, July 6, 2009

All Star Team Reactions

It is that time of year once again sports fans. All Star fever has reached epidemic levels and citizens of the United States and abroad are in definite need of a prescription of the Summer Classic. Yet, there are a few players on each all star team this year that once again the fans have managed to vote in that clearly don't belong on each team. Despite this malfeasance however, the fans got it right and kept steroid linked players out of the game. Here are my thoughts on this year's All Star team rosters.

In the American League, there are a few players that really don't deserve to start in my mind. Dustin Pedroia is having nowhere near the year he did last year, and has been struck by a rather serious power outage. Meanwhile, Aaron Hill is a reserve that deserves to start, and Ian Kinsler is on the outside looking in for now.

The legendary Derek Jeter (aka Jeet-uh) should not be a starter considering that Jason Bartlett (aka Fartlett) has put up better numbers than him in 13 less games. Jeter has been an All-Star mainstay though, so even if Fartlett was voted in by the fans I bet he would let Jeter start.

Finally, it is fairly obvious that Josh Hamilton should not be a starter in the All Star game. My vote for that spot would have been for Adam Jones or Carl Crawford. The most notable snub in the AL though was probably 10 game winner Kevin Slowey. How in the world did he get left off the roster?

In the National League, the only names that stand out at me are Yadier Molina and Carlos BelTRAN. I understand that the game is in St. Louis, but Brian McCann should really be starting this game at catcher. And as for BelTRAN, hopefully he will be replaced by Shane Victorino or Matt Kemp. Either man would make a fine addition to the team. I also would like to see Brad Hawpe starting in his place. Raul Ibanez is another guy that might not be able to play, but his numbers are well deserving of the nod. The only other snubs I see are Trevor Hoffman, whom I will never forgive for blowing the All Star game in 2006 so it's fine with me that he didn't make it, and Brian Wilson of the Giants.

For starting pitchers, I like King Felix from the Mariners and Tim Lincecum from the Giants in a Pacific Coast showdown. As far as predictions go, I think the fact that the game is in St. Louis will drive Albert Pujols to put the team on his back and carry the NL to their first victory since 1996 in Philadelphia.

NL: 7
AL: 4
MVP: Albert
Winning Pitcher: Danny Haren


  1. "WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?!?!" - MLB fans discussing Kevin Slowey and Brad Hawpe.

    Glad to see Brian Wilson is getting some love, because I'm lying in bed, just like Brian Wilson did.

  2. "I'm not feeling the love here guys."

    -Casey "Cheese" Dorne
    Winter 2008

  3. "Guys, I can't decide which one I want to put on a mix CD, Rockabye by Shawn Mullins or TLC's No Scrubs. Decisions, Decisions!"

    -Steve "Sven" Kohut
    Winter 2000

  4. difference in quotes, cheese, is that you actually said yours.

  5. anyone else get goosebumps watching the all-star game commercial where the Arch picks up all the players and drops them in albert's temple, aka Busch Stadium?

    just kidding. that commercials really gay

    Go Cards

  6. when watching that commercial, i wondered how badly the people were hurt when they were shaken off of the magnet and dropped about 40 feet. That is right on the borderline of death/being really badly injured.