Thursday, July 23, 2009

Favre is the New Manny

Brett Favre: American hero or super villain? Americans have always idolized Brett Favre for his rocket arm, his youthful charisma, his "gunslinger" (really hate that term) mentality and the way he wore a pair of Wrangler jeans. However, I would more readily describe Favre these days as a primadonna on the level of a Manny Ramirez. He toys with franchises, he does not participate in offseason drills, and alienates teammates. Next thing you know, Favre is gonna test positive for steroids.

Brett Favre is considered to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time; and due to his down home, aww shucks persona, he has always been admired by the press as a humble and self made man. Recently though, I have found myself becoming more and more bitter towards old Brett.

In his offseason fiascos with Green Bay and now Minnesota, Favre has been leaving each team hopelessly in limbo for the entire summer. He has no idea the effect that this causes. Last year, Aaron Rodgers was in line to be the next Packers starting qb, but his plans nearly went awry when Favre started on the comeback trail. This year, Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels are slated to compete for the starting job in Minnesota. How do you think they, and their friends on the team will feel if Favre just jumps into the driver's seat at the last second? To quote Chris Farley in this video; "ANGRY."

Favre's suitors fail to realize the problems that his late arrival will cause in the locker room each year. Look at how the Jets basically had a mutiny last year to see how adding a quarterback in the late summer effects team chemistry.

Finally, why would any team want Brett Favre when he has publicly admitted that he doesn't want to participate in training camp and offseason drills? How is he going to gain anyone's trust or confidence that way? His laziness, coupled with his "gunslinger" aka "Im going to throw the ball into double and triple coverage" mentality will not bold well for any team.

One player has the power to destroy a football team. I need go no further than to highlight the career of Terrell Owens to prove this point. In my opinion, if Brett Favre signs with the Vikings, the team will take a huge step back this year. Let the buyer beware when it comes to Brett Favre.


  1. John Clayton, aka The Troll of Sportscenter, put it best when he said that Favre made his decision to return when he went under the knife to fix his biceps tendon. So clearly Favre is just toying with everyone by not outright saying he's playing again and it is for the Vikings.

    In the same interview, Chris "I only catch touchdowns" Carter stated that the biggest problem the Vikings will face will be the continuity between Brett and the new, young Viking receivers. Picture Peyton in his hay-day with Marvin Harrison, how perfectly tuned they were. They knew what each other was thinking about every coverage on any down in any situation. Now picture the exact opposite. That will be Favre throwing to the Vikings receivers. They might as well just use sticks and pebbles to draw up plays on the ground in the huddle.

    But, as long as he throws 20 touchdowns in the first 12 games of the season, I'll be happy to have him on my FFL team.