Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Homage to Entrance Music

One thing that has always fascinated me in baseball is each player's entrance/ walk up music. If I were a baseball player, I would spend endless amounts of time tinkering with this. What is the perfect song? The song would need to describe who I am, but also get me amped up to bat or pitch. After much deliberation with some of my colleagues, I have decided that my entrance song would definitely be the chorus to Steve Winwood's "The Finer Things". Imagine that rocking out of the stadium speakers in the bottom of the 9th. It would be the second coming of "Wild Thing". Here are some other songs that have interested me over the years.

Dustin Pedroia: Pedroia's walk up music is "What's My Name?" by Snoop Doggy Dog. While this is clever, because his name is announced shortly thereafter, I for one hate it. Pedroia doesn't seem like a rap guy. He should be walking up to something like "Raised on the Radio" by The Ravyns, which of course is the song Judge Reinhold is listening to when he is washing his car in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High".

Manny Ramirez: Manny once walked up to this song, hit a grounder to second and didn't run it out. What a bozo

Closers: Too many closers trot out to Hells Bells or Enter Sandman, These of course were instituted by Trevor Hoffman and Mo Rivera and should be reserved for them. I'd like to see someone walk out of the bullpen with this song blaring from PA. Or if there is a shaky closer such as a Kerry Wood coming in, the people in the PA booth should reserve the right to put this song on.

Shane Victorino: A few years ago, I heard Shane Victorino come to bat to this song at Shea Stadium. Absolutely inspired.

Clete Thomas
: You may not have heard of Clete Thomas. Nor had I before I heard his walk up music a few weeks ago. He must be from the South, because he came up to an amazing set of Dierks Bentley, Alabama, and Montgomery Gentry during his three at bats. Bravo young man.

That's about all I got. Now it's time for you guys to give it some thought. What would you're walk up/entrance song be?


  1. My initial instinct was Bodeans, since that is a Dorne original, but it has been co-opted by Borst. So I'm currently torn between Scatman and Burning for You by Blue Oyster Cult