Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Let's Keep It Going

After yesterday's rant on Shane Victorino I figured I would be tapped out for chances to talk about the Phillies. However, the good Lord has seen it fit to send me two stories that relate to the Fightin's on this fine Wednesday afternoon. First we have the state of California versus Leonard Kyle Dykstra as he files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Did anyone not see this coming? And secondly, we have whispers around the league that the Philadelphia Philadelphians might be in the mix to acquire Doc Halladay from the Blue Jays as reparations for Joe Carter's blast in 1993. Let us dissect both of these stories, shall we?

Lenny Dykstra, aka "The Dude" aka "Nails" will always hold a special place in the hearts of Philadelphians. His balls to the wall attitude, mouth full of Redman, and general stupidity helped galvanize the 1993 Phillies surprise run to the World Series. Somehow after he retired, he managed to make a fortune in the car wash business, but has now lost it all in the magazine and investment fields.

Recently I saw a HBO Real Sports special on Dykstra (still on demand for those interested) and wondered why anyone would work with this guy. I knew he was an idiot from his days on the Phillies; but for those that did not know, just hearing him talk should have removed all doubt for them. He sounds brain damaged and still talks like a 17 year old. Anybody who trusted this guy enough to invest in him or work for him must have been drinking more bong water than Todd. Most of them now have taken him to court for the money he owes them. Serves 'em right for trusting The Dude.

Despite his shortcomings and impending bankruptcy, I wouldn't be surprised to see The Dude back on top again someday. Either that or he will put a bullet in his brain.

In a completely unrelated story, rumors abound that Roy Halladay might be headed to the Phillies. The Phils are supposedly the only team that has the prospects and the money to bring on Doc Halladay. As much as I think that this move would really help the Phils, I don't think I like it because of what they would have to give up.

The Phillies have always adhered to the strategy that the big trade rarely brings success. Last year when C.C. Sabathia and Rich Harden were traded to NL playoff teams, the Phils quietly went out and got Joe Blanton. The rest is history.

Plus, the Phillies farm system is finally stocked with talented young players. With a lot of money committed to a few players on this team, I would like to see the Phils effectively bring guys up to replace free agents and the like. This is the way a team stays competitive.

If the Phils trade for Halladay, they would have to give up 4 or 5 guys that have the potential to start in the future, and would only have Doc for this year and next. To me, it is not worth it. But it would make this year and next very exciting. If they made the trade, it certainly wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, but I think the Phillies are better off standing pat and possibly acquiring a lower level pitcher once a few more teams drop out of the playoff race.

Who knows what tomorrow will hold for Phillies headlines. Hopefully some good stuff.

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