Friday, July 10, 2009


Despite the fact that the U.S. Women's Open is being held at Saucon Valley Country Club this week, our focus will once again be baseball and the Phillies in specific. Yesterday I recognized the fruits of my labor when Shane Victorino was elected to the All Star Game with over 15 million votes from the fans. I trust that many of them read my blog the other day and that is what turned the tides, but that is not what I will be discussing today.

The biggest news in Philadelphia today is the possible signing of free agent pitcher Pedro Martinez. Jamie Moyer's struggles this year, coupled with the stat that the Phillies have become only the second team ever to have four guys hit 20 home runs before the All Star Break make it abundantly clear that pitching is the Phillies biggest problem. Moyer was rock solid last year, but a 5.99 ERA is unacceptable for a starter. If he wasn't so beloved in Philly, he would be on a tugboat out of town just like Adam Eaton.

Somehow though, Moyer is 8-6 on the season, including a win last night despite going 5 innings and giving up 6 earned runs. All the Phillies need is 5 guys that can average a 4.50 ERA. That's it. 5 Joe Blantons would be perfect. 38 year old Pedro Martinez might be able to do just this. I for one would welcome the signing. I don't think that he could do worse than Moyer has this year, and maybe, just maybe he could flash some signs of the Pedro of old.

I also think that signing Pedro would not necessarily mean that the Phils are out of the Roy Halladay sweepstakes. I think Pedro would be the small addition that the Phillies front office is known for, and would buy them some time for the Jays to get desperate. If Pedro doesn't pan out, then maybe they go after Halladay.

Pitching is at a premium in baseball. As the Phillies have learned, you can hit the ball all over the yard, but if you don't have pitching you will be unsuccessful. Pedro Martinez would be a welcome addition to the Phillies staff and might just be able to give them the boost they need. And if he cannot, we'll all just sit around saying "Pedro?".

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  1. Id like to see a post on the us womens open.