Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rock the Vote for Victorino

In the following sentences and pargraphs I will explain to you why Shane Victorino deserves your vote for the final spot on the NL All Star team. Unfortunately, fans are being mislead on who to vote for by people like Peter Gammons and Tim Kurkjian, when they should be listening to the Krukker and voting for Victorino. You can vote for whomever you would like in the AL, but when it comes to defense, effort, speed, and a bat that is heating up, Shane Victorino is the obvious choice for the final NL All Star vote.

Peter Gammons and Timmy Kurkjian have really been hurting Victorino's cause by touting fat young Pablo Sandoval as the deserved choice for the final vote for the All Star team. They are applauding the fact that he can play multiple positions and that he is batting .332 on the year. Well, to them I would say that I'd rather play one position really well than several positions average. And that doesn't even tell the whole truth. Victorino could play any outfield position on an All Star team that has several banged up outfielders voted in as starters. Moreover, he won the Gold Glove in center field last year and has only made 6 errors in his career with the Phillies. Sandoval has 6 errors this year. The need is for an solid outfielder, not for a fat corner infielder/catcher.

As far as Sandoval's batting average, .332 is pretty good. However, Victorino is batting at a clip of .308 and has 40 more at bats than Sandoval. Victorino is obviously much more of a speed threat than the Kung Fu Panda, and speed can be crucial late in the All Star Game. Moreover, I would say that their power is even although Sandoval has 7 more home runs (13 to 6). Let's face it, a guy with 13 home runs isn't gonna be an All-Star for his power numbers, and Victorino's numbers are better everywhere else. Case closed.

In the case of Mark Reynolds, I admire his power numbers, but the NL team already has Prince Fielder, Ryan Howard, Adrian Gonzalez and Albert Pujols. Not to mention David Wright and Ryan Zimmerman already at 3rd base. Clearly, the NL team has no shortage of sluggers. A guy that can play defense and steal bags is what they need.

The way I see it, Matt Kemp should be Victorino's closest competition. He has 4 more home runs, 5 more RBIs and 6 more stolen bases than Victorino while only sitting 3 points lower in OBP and batting average. My argument for Victorino in this case would be his 17 more runs scored and the fact that he covers much more ground in the outfield than Kemp. Kemp is a good defender, but Victorino is a great defender. Moreover, Victorino has been scalding the ball lately and I look for this to continue as the season goes on.

Last but not least, Victorino is a gamer. He loves to play and you can tell it by watching him. Matt Kemp sometimes appears to be putting in minimal effort out there. The All Star nod would be a testament to Victorino's hard work throughout his career, whereas Matt Kemp appears to get by on god given talent mostly.

Christian Guzman does not deserve to be on this list as he plays for the Nats. There is no way that they deserve more than one All Star, and his numbers are not even that good. That's all I have to say about that.

So, before you go to the polls today think about what I have written. Think about how much this honor would mean to Shane Victorino, and how hard he has worked to get where he is. Think about what the NL All Star team really needs to win this game. If you think about these things, then you will have no choice but to vote for Victorino. Then go vote for whomever you want in the AL. Thank you.

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  1. Halladay to the Fightin'...think there's a chance?