Friday, July 17, 2009

Stupid Californians

Only enough time for a short rant today because I have to go hang out with Dill. Today's topic: California baseball fans. Are they the dumbest fans in the country? This writer says yes.

California baseball fans, specifically Giants and Dodgers fans make me sick. In the past few years we have seen them cheer wildly for two of the biggest crooks in baseball. When Barry Bonds was all but caught with a needle in his ass a few years ago, Giants fans for some reason had his back and supported him. They cheered his name even louder when he came to bat afterwards and tried to turn Bonds' guilt into some sort of a hate crime.

In La La Land yesterday, Manny Ramirez returned home to cheering, applause and a packed Mannywood section. You would think that this guy just came back from Iraq or something, but in fact he was returning from a 50 game suspension for cheating the game of baseball. What the hell is wrong with these fans?

In New York, A Rod is nowhere near the star he was. I actually think fans are rather sick of him at this point. So why are these juicers in California becoming even more beloved after they cheat? They must be high from the smog or something. Arnold, forget about the energy crisis and kick these stupid fans asses.

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