Sunday, August 9, 2009

Big Poopy

I didn't watch the David Ortiz press conference yesterday, but it seemed to me what came out of it was they same old rigmarole that we have been hearing from every other superstar guilty of using performance enhancing drugs. I for one would like to see somebody stand up for their actions and admit to using performance enhancing drugs before they are even caught.

Big Poopy's press conference yesterday was a little bit guarded due to the fact that he was speaking in conjunction with a member of the player's union, and because the information he was talking about is supposedly classified. Therefore, he could not give us all the details on his positive test. However, I would have liked to see him at least own up to it. Not only are these players that are coming out from this list cheaters, but they are also liars now too. These people are supposed to be considered role models for the younger generation, but instead they just continue to look more and more like scumbags.

I was hoping that Big Papi would just own up to what he could yesterday. Admit that he used something, but obviously not give out anymore information than he was allowed to. Instead, we got the usual "I never bought or used steroids.". There are an awful lot of steroids getting into player's systems without their knowledge these days. It's pretty ridiculous to expect anyone to believe this ever present excuse. Insulting in fact. If Big Papi had just admitted that he knowingly and willingly took steroids and shown remorse for his actions, then I would have much more respect for him. But instead he hid behind the old bullshit line.

Usually, the players that have been honest about their PED use have garnered a lot more support and respect from the fans. Brian Roberts and Andy Pettite are two fellas that stand out in my mind as honest and remorseful and have my respect. We need more players to come clean, even before they are caught. However, most are still going down the road of the Bonds's, Clemens's and Big Poopy's. I guess Charles Barkley was right when he said athletes are not role models.

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  1. Bronson Arroyo is someone who said he would probably show up on the list. I don't like him much but I thought that was a good move on his part.