Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's Never Too Early

With those god damn college punks returning to school in a few weeks now, I thought it prudent to take a look at this year's top flight college football matchups. Florida is the clear favorite to win this year's national title, but there are several other teams that are in the running as well. Leave it to TPLIYP to give you a weekly matchup guide of games that should have the biggest effect on the BCS forecast. Moreover, for those down weeks we will provide you with some of the games that will be the most exciting to watch.

BYU @ Oklahoma- While they are ranked #3 in the nation to start the season, I can't see Oklahoma being in the national title picture by year's end solely because they have one of the toughest schedules in college football this year. While other teams are playing tune up games, OU is inviting top 25 opponent BYU into Norman for a possible upset game.

Oregon @ Boise St.- #14 Oregon probably has the second toughest schedule and could play a major role in the Pac-10 this year. In week 1 they travel to the always dangerous blue turf of Boise St. for a real litmus test to see if they are for real or not.

USC @ Ohio State- USC and Ohio St. are both in the top 10 to start the season this year. This game will probably end the hopes either team to have a shot at the BCS Title.

Utah @ Oregon- This promises to be a very exciting game. With both teams evenly ranked, I expect a real shootout here. If Oregon can get past Boise St. and Utah by week 3, then they should be considered a real threat.

Texas Tech @ Texas- We all remember what happened in the Battle for the Silver Spurs last year. While Crabtree and Harrell are both gone from Texas Tech, this game should be a good test for Texas early in the year.

Cal @ Oregon- I spoke too soon. It doesn't get any easier for Oregon in week 4 as they go up against another top 20 opponent.

Miami @ Va Tech- A little ACC love here. Miami has re-surfaced after a few terrible years, and Virginia Tech is in the top 10 in the preseason. Should be a good test for both teams.

Iowa @ Penn St.- Now a little Big Ten love. Penn State is in the top 10 and Iowa is in the top 25 to start the season. This game should be for the right to #1 in the Big Ten after Ohio State gets throttled by USC in week 2.

USC @ Cal- Another big road game for USC and possible upset city.

LSU @ Georgia- This one promises to be a slobberknocker. I still regard the SEC as the best conference in college football and this should LSU's first real test to see if they belong in the Top 10.

Alabama @ Ole Miss- A tough in conference away game for Nick Saban and the Tide. I can see Alabama shuffling towards the top of the BCS standings this year.

Florida @ LSU- This might be one of the biggest games of the year. Florida has a fairly easy schedule this season, but this trip to Death Valley could make or break their run for an undefeated season and another championship.

Oklahoma vs. Texas- The Red River Shootout er...Rivalry is always one of the best games of the year. This year it could be for a spot in the BCS Championship. That is, if Oklahoma can survive their schedule.

USC @ ND- For some reason, Notre Dame is ranked again this year. In my opinion they are the most overrated team in any sport. Look for USC to annihilate them as always.

Oklahoma @ Kansas- As if OU's schedule hadn't been tough enough already, they face a real let down game here a week after the Red River Shootout. Kansas could surprise a lot of teams this year.

TCU @ BYU- Not many big name matchups this week. This one should be pretty exciting though.

Georgia vs. Florida- The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party promises to be another good test for Florida this year. Though it is at a "neutral site", this is really a home game for Florida and I see them taking care of the Georgia Dornes. But you know what happens if you beat the Georgia Bulldogs.

USC @ Oregon- This game should decide this year's Pac 10 Champion.

Texas @ Oklahoma St.- Another good test to see if Texas is for real.

WEEK 10:
LSU @ Alabama- The Saban Bowl could be a battle for the second spot in the BCS Championship game.

Ohio St. @ Penn State- This game could decide the Big Ten, and whoever wins will take the all time lead in the deadlocked rivalry.

Oklahoma @ Nebraska- Another potential pothole for Oklahoma. Nebraska is on its way back to prominence after several dark years.

WEEK 11:
Nebraska @ Kansas- While this game probably won't decide anything major, it should be an exciting one to watch.

Florida @ South Carolina- The Spurrier Bowl is always an intriguing matchup in a season of less than intriguing matchups for the defending champs.

Utah @ TCU- Another high powered offensive matchup. This could be one of those classic 5 overtime games.

WEEK 12:
Boise State @ Utah State- See "Utah @ TCU"

LSU @ Ole Miss- A tough road game for LSU that could potentially be the difference between BCS Bowl or bust.

Lafayette @ Lehigh- Lehigh looks to build momentum from last year's win over Lafayette and put together a winning streak of their own. I'm here to get drunk.

WEEK 13:
Texas @ Texas A&M- The Lone Star Showdown is a classic Thanksgiving day game. Let's hope we can all stay awake for it, our bellies bloated and sluggish with turkey.

Florida State @ Florida- This is the last possible speed bump for Florida on its road to repeating. Florida State is back in the top 25 and could challenge to Gators.

Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma- Bedlam.

Mizzou @ Kansas- The Border War should be a good matchup again this year, though not as good as 2 years ago.

WEEK 14:
Oregon State @ Oregon- In the waning weeks of the season, the Civil War promises to be a good game. After all, there is a re-surfaced wooden platypus on the line.

West Virginia @ Rutgers- I mention this game because at this point in time Noel Devine could be putting the finishing touches on a brilliant Heisman campaign.

WEEK 15:
Army vs. Navy- Always a classic. Keep your eye out for the youngest brother of Wesley Tameo in the crowd. He will be rooting for the Midshipmen.

When all is said and done, I see Florida taking on USC in the BCS Title game in Pasadena. However, with USC's questions at QB it could just as easily be Alabama taking on Florida in the Rose Bowl. We will find out in January I guess. Also, Look for either Tim Tebow or Noel Devine to take home the Heisman Trophy. Regardless, if you keep an eye on all of these games, everything will become clear to you and you will receive total consciousness. Stay tuned for the PGA Championship preview tomorrow!

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  1. Although I agree that USC will throttle Ohio State, it won't make a difference within the Big 10 standings.

    Up until today, when I saw the cover of the new Sports Illustrated College Football preview issue, I thought Penn State could go undefeated. Unfortunately the SI cover jinx will undoubtedly strike again. Plus it looks like Darryl Clark is givin Stefan Wisnewski the business.