Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jail Bird

I wish I had time to write about this last week, but at least now I have had time to organize my thoughts on the subject. Michael Vick will make his debut for the Eagles on Thursday, though he is not eligible to play in the regular season until week 7. I for one love this addition by the Eagles. With the sour taste of T.O. still in the collective mouths of Eagles fans, I thought this signing would never ever happen. But now I welcome Michael Vick as an offensive weapon, and yes, as the quarterback of the future for the Eagles.

It has been no secret over the last 10 years that Eagles fans have never been quite sold on Donovan McNabb. On draft day he was booed, since then he has been consistently injured, and has never been able to take the Eagles to the promised land. When McNabb indicated that he wanted to retire as an Eagle, the front office simply gave him a raise and not a contract extension. It is safe to say that it is now or never for Donovan McNabb. That is why I love the Vick signing so much.

Michael Vick puts serious pressure on McNabb. No longer is Kevin Kolb or A.J. Feeley his only competition. Behind him now is a younger, faster and stronger quarterback. If anything will motivate him to be the best he can be, it will be Michael Vick waiting in the wings behind him.

Moreover, the Eagles got a steal of a deal for Michael Vick. They have him signed for the next two years for a total of about $6.5 million. If he doesn't workout it is ok because they didn't give a lot up for him. If he does work out, they have signed a top flight athlete for pennies on the dollar. Plus, he would probably be more likely to re-sign with the Eagles after those two years since they gave him a second chance in the NFL. Everything seems to add up here.

While Michael Vick might be used in a wildcat type role this year, this is really an investment for the future in Philadelphia. Talents like Michael Vick don't come along too often, and the Eagles were willing to take a chance on him. I'm glad that the Philadelphia brass, which usually only takes "character guys", decided to roll the dice here. I think Michael Vick has turned over a new leaf and wouldn't ever act as stupidly as he previously did. Otherwise it would be all over for him and I think he knows that.

The last time the Eagles had a high profile like this on their team was when they had T.O. That year they went to the Super Bowl. Hopefully Michael Vick can propel the Eagles that those heights again soon. LESSGOEEEEGULLLLLLSSS!!!!!

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