Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mets Fans Rejoice

Mets fans may not be happy with the way the past few seasons have gone, but there is reason for them to take hope in the future. Now that Billy Wagner is gone, the Mets have nowhere to go but up.

I for one have never liked Billy Wagner. Even back to his days on the Phillies I always referred to him as Billy Wanger. I always thought he was a smug little bastard who only looked out for himself, and constantly aired his dirty laundry in public. This is not the kind of player you want on your team. The fact that he and Jon Papelbon have already called each other out before they have even met does not bode well for the clubhouse in Boston.

Not only is Billy Wanger a bad guy in terms of character, but I don't think he is even that good of a pitcher. Sure he can throw the ball 99mph, but it is about the flattest pitch I have ever seen. Pat Burrell made a living off of victimizing Billy Wagner fastballs for late home runs when he was with Philly and Wanger was in New York. I bet he smiled down in Tampa when he heard the Sox picked up Wagner.

Now that the Mets are free of Wagner, they should notice increased success over the next few years. Think about this: a Billy Wagner team has never made the World Series, but in the next few years after he has left both the Astros and the Phillies they both made it to the World Series. Chin up Mets fans, I have reason to believe good things are on their way for you. Red Sox fans, I would prepare for the worst.

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