Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rays of Light

Hello ladies and germs (pause for laughter), I'd like to start off by announcing that my postings might become a little erratic time-wise in the future. I won't be working so I won't be trying to kill time during the day. I will try to maintain posts regularly though. That being said, today I would like to talk about the Tampa Bay Rays. They may be sitting in 3rd in the AL East right now, but I wouldn't expect that to last for much longer. In my opinion, the Rays are one of the best teams in the American League and I think that a World Series championship is in the very near future for them.

Many years ago, in a baseball stadium not too far away I watched the Angels take on the Red Sox in a midsummer night's game. I remember being captivated by how strong the Angels looked defensively and at the plate. "I could see them winning the World Series" I remarked to one of my cohorts. Sure enough, in the fall of that year the Angels hoisted the World Series trophy by beating the San Francisco Giants.

When watching the Rays, I get this same feeling. Moreover, they remind me a lot of the World Champion Phillies. A big slugger at first (Howard/Pena) , a couple players that play great defense and can fly around the bases(Rollins, Victorino/Upton, Crawford), young pitching that is ready to take the next step(Hamels/ Price, Shields), and a player who is the best at his position (Utley/Longoria). Yes sir, unlike Shania Twain the Rays really do impress me much.

While the Rays are in third place for the time being, I can easily see them taking the wild card or even winning the division. Boston and New York better be on red alert because the Rays are for real. I like what I see from their whole club and I can honestly see them winning the World Series this year or next. Remember I said that.

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  1. Dont forget about the PGA Championship. Will sergio win a major before he turns 30?