Thursday, August 27, 2009

That's What I'm Talking About With This Favre Thing

First of all, this is a BIG story dude, read the papes. This thing is HUGE. Basically what happened, I told you Brett Favre was ruin the Vikings and so far it looks like I'm right. I may not have been right about Manny, I may not have been right about the A's, the D'Backs, the Indians, or the Cubs, but I knew that Favre would not mesh well with the Vikings. Just when it seemed that the Vikings were on the brink of being Super Bowl contenders, I foresee the Favre fiasco destroying their season.

Tarvaris Jackson is probably feeling like Steve Pinner (aka "Hambone") right now. He knows the playbook, he has the support of his teammates, and he has been the best Vikings QB in the pre-season. But somehow, this BITCH Brett Favre totally cockblocked him. Favre does not know the playbook, he has created a "schism" in the locker room already, and he has looked like garbage in his limited snaps. This doesn't look like it is headed anywhere positive for Minnesota.

Favre is owed around $25 million for the next two years, and they can't just bench him. Tarvaris Jackson is now unhappy and is probably headed out of town so as to avoid a dreaded "quarterback controversy", and Sage Rosenfels is just terrible. The Vikings have really screwed the pooch here.

Brett Favre is not capable of focusing for an entire season. He can't even summon the strength and effort to participate in training camp. He may look like a good signing for a little while, but sooner or later he will become the interception king of old. Moreover, he has already alienated half of his teammates. Do you think they will have his back when it is crunch time?

The Vikings have argued that with Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin, they don't need Brett Favre to do that much. If that is the case, why not stick with Tarvaris Jackson for $25 million less? I really have to criticize the Vikings owners for making this decision. Come January, instead of celebrating a possible Super Bowl championship out on the party porch, they will probably be getting Brett Favre a fan that he can drive with his teeth after his teammates push him out of a 3rd story building. Oh, and if you have no idea what I am alluding to, please watch this video.

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  1. Favres a bitch, Childress is a bitch, Stuart Scott's a bitch but Tavaris he's cool.