Friday, August 28, 2009

What A Goofball

I'm flying high over Denver, Colorado with one of the hottest coaches in America, and we're all about to die. At least Denver has got the boys from Blake Street on a hot streak right now because it seems like Josh McDaniels has burned down the franchise that was the Denver Broncos and pissed on the ashes (two movie references in one paragraph, not bad). McDaniels was supposed to be one of Bill Belichick's heir apparents, but instead has proven that he is too young to be a head coach and has re-affirmed that plucking coaches away from Bill Billabill is not a recipe for success.

Bill Billabill may be a mad genius, but he has certainly had some bozos for coaches under him. Let's take a look at a few of them. Romeo Crennel was a successful defensive coordinator for several years before the Browns stole him away like so many teams did from the great 1996 Packers coaching staff. A few disappointing years later, the Browns fired him and replaced him with the Mangenius. Good thinking: replace a Belichick lackey with another Belichick lackey who couldn't get it done with the Jets. What about Charlie Weis? He has only made Notre Dame a laughingstock in college football and somehow managed to gain weight after gastric bypass surgery. Yikes. Now we have Josh McDaniels taking the Broncos to new lows before the regular season has even started. Franchises take note: hiring Bill Billabill's assistants away is not a recipe for success.

So far McDaniels has alienated the teams franchise quarterback to the point where he had to be traded, and just today suspended their best receiver for the rest of the pre-season. This does not bode well for the Broncos this year. McDaniels does not seem to be respected by his team, probably because he is younger than some of the players even. I'm not saying that I support Cutler or Marshall, they are both primadonnas, but it is a coaches job to gain the respect of the players and to massage big egos like those of Cutler and Marshall. So far McDaniels has failed to do both. Now they have traded a franchise QB for John Denver wannabe Kyle Orton, and are on the brink of losing their best receiver. If this continues to be the case, look for the McDaniels era in Denver to be short lived.


  1. Rumor in the papes is that they sold Cutler to Humble Pie for 50 bucks and a case of beer.