Monday, September 21, 2009

Being A Quarterback Is A Brees

After watching the Eagles get stomped on by the Saints this Sunday, it has become apparent to me how many little things go into being a great quarterback in this league. It is not just about having great receivers, or a rocket arm. There are so many instinctual and unteachable skills that a quarterback must have to be great in the NFL. In light of Sunday's 48-22 drubbing, it is clear that Drew Brees has those intangibles and Kevin Kolb does not. The only thing that was able to cheer me up after this realization was seeing this man walking the streets of New York City after the game. He was right on when he said "I'm just a broken down piece of meat." He looked like he had drank more than me and Biebs combined the night before. Apparently his looks don't matter though because he was walking with this girl. Anyway, on to the football.

Drew Brees has worked hard his whole career and it has clearly paid off. He really impressed me on Sunday as he was picking apart the Eagles defense. Meanwhile, Kevin Kolb looked like a quarterback who was the product of a great college system.

When facing pressure, Brees could feel where the lineman were coming from and would instinctively move up or back in the pocket accordingly. On the other hand, when Kolb faced pressure he would run backwards and towards the nearest sideline no matter what. It is things like this that can't be taught.

Drew Brees also appears to understand the importance of field position while Kevin Kolb does not. When deep in his own end, Brees is very careful with the ball and will choose to get rid of it, or take a sack before he forces a throw. Kevin Kolb on the other hand tried to force a ball to a receiver, leading to an interception and a very short field for Brees and the Saints. Mistakes like that can change a game, and you rarely see that great qb's making them.

Now obviously Drew Brees has much more NFL experience than Kevin Kolb, and this article was meant to compliment the skill of Drew Brees more than to condemn of Kevin Kolb. Drew Brees has everything you would want in an NFL quarterback in terms of skills and intangibles. Unfortunately, those were made apparent by the lack of skill and experience shown by Kolb this weekend. Moreover, I think we might be seeing Jeff Garcia fairly early into the game next week.

Already on a torrid pace, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Drew Brees set several passing records this year, as well as win himself an MVP trophy. If the Saints defense can hold up at all, they could go deep into the playoffs. That is a big if though. One thing is for sure, they have one hell of a quarterback leading them.

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  1. Kevin Kolb was playing checkers, Drew Brees was playing chess. Simple as that.