Thursday, September 17, 2009

Do Yourself A Favor

What planet is Michael Crabtree living on? Here we are almost at the one year anniversary of his amazing last second play to beat Texas in the Battle of the Silver Spurs last year and he still hasn't signed with the 49ers. What in god's name is this fella thinking? Michael Crabtree, or those who are advising him need to realize that he is only hurting himself by not signing. The best thing he could do for himself right now is to sign a contract and try to salvage this season if he can.

Has holding out on a contract ever helped a player? Maybe monetarily. But holding out for this long has certainly never helped a player. Michael Crabtree seems prepared to sit out the entire season if the 49ers do not meet his contract demands. I don't know if this is the work of his agents, or Crabtree himself but Koey must be kicking himself because it is so illogical.

If Crabtree sits out the whole season and re-enters the draft, chances are he will become fat and flabby (R.I.P. Swayze) so he'll have to again prove to teams that he is worth a draft pick. If he thinks he is going to wow teams next year before the draft with his workouts he is wrong. The 49ers own his rights and will not allow him to work out publicly for anybody. Moreover, do you think any team is going to take him as high as the 49ers did this year after he has shown that he is such a bitch when it comes to contract negotiations? Absolutely not. Crabtree would fall lower in the draft and lose even more money than he would if he just signed the 49ers contract.

We have seen what has happened to players who hold out in all sports. Former highschool phenom and Rockies 1st round pick Matt Harrington held out for several years, ended up getting injured and now works at Costco installing tires. Maurice Clarett, held out from playing another year of college ball, "got his goose on", ended up being cut by the Broncos and is now in jail. J.D. Drew refused to sign with the Phillies and ended up getting batteries hurled at him. Nothing good happens when you refuse to sign with your team kids. My advice to Mr. Crabtree is to quit being such a baby and sign on the dotted line. Today. Who knows, the 49ers might just be good this year too.


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