Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Few Thoughts From Yesterday

Before I get lost in the NFL regular season I figured that I would put pen to pad on some of the things that I noticed from yesterday's exciting day of college football action. We saw some upsets, some shootouts and some all in all great games. Here is what I noticed.

Michigan vs. Notre Dame:
Charlie Weis should be fired! With a 3 point lead over the Wolverines AND the ball, Charlie Weis turned his back on his running game which had had its way with the Michigan defense all day and inexplicably called two pass plays. This is the stupidest coaching I have seen in a while. If he had run the ball twice, Notre Dame would have forced Michigan to use its final two timeouts and punted the ball away IN THE WORST CASE SCENARIO. Instead, two incompletions saved Michigan their two timeouts and took no time off the clock. Of course in the end Tate Forcier threw the game winning TD with 11 seconds left. 11 seconds that would not have been there if Charlie Weis wasn't such a moron. Good riddance to fat rubbish.

USC vs. Ohio St.:
What a game! Ohio St. played way better than I thought they would. In fact USC looked pretty bad all game until the final drive. Thank god for that interception on OSU's first drive. Matt Barkley is going to use that last drive as a springboard for a huge season. Watch out for the Trojans. In general I was very impressed with the Big 10 this week: Penn State murdered Syracuse, Wisconsin had a very nice comeback win against Fresno St., and Ohio St. really hung in there with USC. Lookin' tough!

Houston vs. Oklahoma St.:
I wish I had been able to see this game. From the looks of it it was pretty wild. The only thing I can say going forward is that games between schools from Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma, Texas vs. Texas, or Texas vs. Oklahoma are always wild. They usually account for some of the best games of the year. Be sure to tune in for Texas Tech vs. Texas next week.

Now let's sit back and watch some NFL football!


  1. What's with the dearth of Eagles coverage? With some back-of-the envelope math, I see that they have outscored opponents 88-7 during this young season. True their wins have come against the underacheivers of Northeastern and the Kent State hippies, but I wouldn't discount another winning season at the Heights. 4 dead in O-HI-O chants permeated Chestnut Hill late into Saturday night.

  2. In other football news Villanova gave Lehigh a beat down Saturday night. Could be another difficult year for the mountain hawks.

  3. I hear the alumni are very upset about the football program.