Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In Fine Form

Nothing was going to ruin Tom Brady's return to pro football on Monday. Not a lackluster first half, not a motivated Bills team, not a bogus roughing the passer call, not even the fact the Dumper doesn't get ESPN for some reason, or Dorne's bozo order of garlic parmesan wings. Tom Brady simply wouldn't let the Pats lose. When the game hung in the balance, Brady looked like the Brady of old and willed the Pats to a 1 point victory.

The first half did not go well for the Pats. The defense was getting run over by Fred Jackson of all people, and the offense was sputtering. Tom Brady even threw an inexplicable pick 6 to Aaron Schobel. WTF? 3D (Dump, Dorne, Dill) and I were beginning to think that Dumper's apartment was bad luck, even though Dill confided to me in a text that Dumper's apartment was really nice and he really wanted to move out. Therefore we decided to head down to Harry's, where everybody knew our names, in hopes that a different venue would change the fortunes of the Pats. Plus, all we had left to drink was Brazilian beer.

When we got to Harry's, after cheers, high fives and hugs from everyone, we were treated to the same bad luck. The Pats were looking weak, Ron Jaworski was still going off on Brady for not stepping into his throws and T.O. still had a shit eating grin on his face despite his one catch. Then the bottom fell out. The Pats got called for roughing the passer on a sack, and what was sure to be a field goal or punt for the Bills turned into a touchdown and an 11 point lead. This would be enough to crush any team, but Brady wouldn't let that happen.

On the very next drive Brady let the Pats to a score, and thanks to Leodis McKelvin the idiot, the Pats recovered a fumble and only seconds later Brady threw another TD pass. In the span of 76 seconds Tom Brady had engineered an improbable comeback, and more importantly, returned to his old form.

On the two scoring drives, Brady looked to be in sync with every receiver on his team. He was throwing perfect strikes to Randy Moss, Wes Welker and yes, Ben Watson. They looked like they hadn't skipped a beat, whereas in the first half Brady was missing some easy passes. This is what I would expect from Brady in every game from now on. Quite simply, he's back.


  1. "Fuck the Pats, *$@*&!" -Will, Sophomore year

  2. You know it's fall in New England when the leaves turn, apple cider replaces pink lemonade, juicy pants reappear (FML), and Tom Brady does this:

  3. I believe it was "Pats suck, ^!$$@" on Dorne's little white board. Or maybe just on the wall. Inspired by Pat's trip to Dravo earlier that year.