Monday, September 28, 2009

Observational Humor

I didn't think that I had enough for a full post today, so instead I have decided to jot down some of the funny observations I have made over the last few weeks in sports. Many have come with the help of people like Dorne, Teddy Dumpay (if anyone can catch that reference, you have earned my respect), and Dill. Tomorrow, I will give my first shot at NFL power rankings. For now though, let's look at a few funny things that we have discovered in sports and the media recently.

1. Possibly the best sports nickname of all time: "Lucky" Pierre Woods. Come on Berman, use it.

2. Kevin Faulk has the funniest looking elbow pads. From here on out, they will be known as "The Honeycombs".

3. Gary Guyton. Sounds White right? Nope, he's black.

4. Patrick Chung. Sounds Asian right? He too is black.

5. Does Fox's piano injury music make anyone feel better? It is very tasteful though. We don't want robots dancing around when someone is injured. Actually we don't want robots dancing around at all.

6. Alan Berger somehow resembles both this man, and this man.

7. Speaking of resemblances, how about Cole Hamels and Matt Cassel?

8. When players get knocked out, they always land in a funny position.

9. Prince Fielder needs to buy everyone a Hi Def tv. It slims him down by about 100 pounds compared to regular.

10. Who needs money more: Evander Holyfield dressing in drag for Taco Bell, or this guy? Apparently he really needed the pizza too. KABOOM!

Enjoy. Power Rankings tomorrow.


  1. Sadly I think i'm responsible for Lucky Pierre Woods. That's right up there with "Prince" Albert Haynesworth and the Pittsburgh "Happy" Pirates.

  2. For 400 dollars I got Jerry Garcia in a pouch, man!

  3. Here's an observation that may deserve a blog: why is the now I just saw the other day that there is a

    You could become a contributor to this big cat. Get on it.

  4. I think ESPN is only launching their city sites in primetime top tier markets. Hence the exclusion of Bethlehem and other similar cities like Toledo, Youngstown and Flint.

  5. Dorne, do not ever compare Bethlehem to Flint again. You hear me?

  6. The last good athlete to come out of Bethlehem was David Greene and he lied and told everyone he was from Scranton. At least Flint was home to Glen Rice, formerly of the Miami Heat, and other NBA players like Matean Cleaves and Mo' Pete.

  7. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Went to freedom high school.

  8. Seriously? You're gonna take the pussy who made the Scorpion King over Fraser who was in the Mummy? I knew Bethlehem always had an inferiority complex, but I didn't know it was this large.

  9. My apologies to PJL and the junior steel city. After some research I see that Jonathan Taylor Thomas, better known as Randy from Home Improvement was born in Bethlehem. Just as he was the middle child in the Taylor family of HI, Bethlehem is the middle child of Allentown and Easton.

  10. Dorne, you seem to be forgetting that all of the Andretti's, Chuck "This game is fucking over" Bednarik and former CBS analyst and 2 time ACC Champion point guard Billy Packer all hail from The Christmas City.

  11. Billy Packer's a hack, now if it were Bill Rafferty or the legendary Gus Johnson then that'd be something to talk about. Some of Gus' finest attached: