Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Very Excite

For those of you not in the loop, Michael Vick is eligible to return to play this weekend against the Kansas City Chefs. I for one am very excited. Michael Vick's presence is going to add a new dimension to this offense, as well as take pressure
off of whoever is lining up under center while Donovan McNabb is injured.

For those (probably all) of you who did not catch the Eagles game last week, you missed some very interesting play calling despite the 48-22 drubbing. Andy Reid called about 10-15 plays from the Wildcat formation that I had never seen before. In the past, the DeSean Jackson Wildcat was usually more of just a tricky way to run the ball more than anything else. Last week's Wildcat against the Saints was crazy. There were reverses with a pass back to the QB on the other side of the field, snaps to both Westbrook and Jackson when they were in the backfield, and the craziest play of all: a 7 receiver, 3 offensive lineman formation. I expect more of this craziness in week 3.

These plays were all obviously designed for the man that returns this week. They lacked a bit of effectiveness with slow as molasses Kevin Kolb executing them, but still managed to gain an average of about 5 yards per play it seemed. Now imagine those plays with Michael Vick in instead of the man that hunts wild hogs with a 12 inch bowie knife (seriously). Jackpot!

I expect Dandy Andy Reid to up the number of Wildcat plays with the return of Michael Vick, leading to total chaos for opposing defenses. If a defense does not know whether Brian Westbrook, DeSean Jackson, Michael Vick or Donovan McNabb is going to get the ball, they are in big trouble. Suffice it to say: I am very excite.

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