Tuesday, October 6, 2009

150th Post- Can't Get No Respect

First we got to 50, then 100, but now it is time for the ever important Sesquicentennial post. Instead of a review of posts long past, I would like to look forward to the future. Most pressing is the baseball playoffs. With the do or die play in game tonight deciding the 8th and final playoff spot, let's take a look at what might happen this October.


As I have said, I like the Twins to take the one game playoff tonight. They are on a roll coming into tonight's game, and Miguel Cabrera will probably be too shitfaced to do anything for the Tigers. Therefore, we have the Twins facing the Yankees in the Divisional series along with the Red Sox against the Angels.

Yankees over Twins- I like the Yankees to dispel of the Twins in 3 or 4 games. The Twins have had a great run, but they simply will be gassed by the time they have to take on the Bronx Bombers. They will have to go up against a rested C.C., Burnett and Pettitte, whereas the Yankees will be facing several tired pitchers. This simply is not fair. But that is what you get when you need an extra game to decide your fate. The Yankees clinched everything long ago and will be more than the Twins are prepared for.

Angels over Red Sox- The Red Sox backed their way into the playoffs and haven't really showed us anything in a while. This leads me to believe that they will finally be vanquished by the Angels, who are playing for their lost teammate Nick Adenhart. The Sox certainly have an advantage in power pitching with Lester and Beckett to start games 1 and 2. But Lackey, Weaver and Kazmir (HUGE pickup) are no stiffs. I like the Angels to exercise their playoff demons and finally beat the sluggish Red Sox in 5 games.


Phillies over Rockies- In case you were wondering about the title of today's post, it pertains to the Phillies schedule. Afternoon games on Wednesday and Thursday? For the defending World Series Champs? This may be more due to the fact that they are facing the Rockies, but it still seems that the Phils can't get no respect. Regardless, I like the Phillies in 5 in this series. The Phillies bullpen may not be too solid right now, but they should still have enough to beat the Rox. Cliff Lee stymied the Colorado lineup last time he faced them, and the Phillies have been all over game 2 starter Aaron Cook this year. Finally, the Phillies have home field advantage this year, as opposed to 2007 when they were swept en route to Colorado's World Series run. Different year, different teams, different result. Let's go Phils.

Cards over Dodgers- The Dodgers have been playing some of the worst baseball since the All Star break of any of the playoff teams. Manny Ramirez clearly needed whatever substance he was using because he hasn't done jack since his return from suspension. Moreover, the Cardinals 1-2 punch of Carpenter and Wainwright is extremely formidable and should snatch home field advantage right out of the Dodgers hands. Did I mention that they have these guys named Pujols and Holliday too? Both proven playoff heroes. Look for the Cards to put the Dodgers out of their misery pretty quickly. Cards in 3.


Angels over Yankees- What the Red Sox have been to the Angels over the years, so too have the Angels been to the Yankees. I think the Angels might be on a mission from gahd in this postseason. In a classic playoff series, I like the Angels to somehow work their magic against the Yankees and take the series in 7 games. Their pitching is a bit deeper in my opinion and their hitting can match up with the Yankees just fine. Besides, the Yankees can't win. They are the highest paid team in baseball.

Phillies over Cardinals- As much as I agree that the Phillies are a flawed team, I don't really see any team in the NL that is perfect. The Phillies went 4-1 against the Cardinals this year and I think that they are capable of winning in the postseason even without a solid closer. I could easily see this one going the other way as well though too. It's very hard to predict how teams will do in the postseason, but I like the Phillies bats, and starting pitching to somehow pull this one out in 6 or 7. Call me crazy, but at least someone is going to give the Phillies some respect.

Angels over Phillies- The Angels are on a mission from god. Plus the Phils were terrible against the AL in interleague this year. As much as I will be rooting for the contrary if this scenario plays out. I see the Angels winning it all this year. Too bad I picked the A's to win that division in the pre-season.

That's the way I see it. I wouldn't be surprised if every pick is wrong, but who knows. If you don't like it, you can go suck a railroad spike with Koey. Let's hear how you guys see it. 150.


  1. Woah, woah! Back it up, back it up! You're picking against the red sox, the team of history and fate, America's team, with two cy young pitchers? Say whaaaat? All it takes to win a 5 game series is two strong pitchers and a power-packed offense. With JD Drew batting 8th, the sox lineup is looking stacked, as evidenced by their three game shellacking of the Indians. Here is a brief reminder why you can't count out the Sox this postseason:


  2. When Dorne and I were the Blues Brothers for halloween in 2006, he was convinced he should be Elwood and I should Jake. So his previous post isn't the most delusional thing I've ever heard him say.

    Also, it was very generous of you to pick my Birds over the Dodgers. They're playing pretty shitty right now. But I guess as long as they don't get tempted to tap their bullpen, Carp and Adam can carry them.

  3. Halstud, eat my ass:


  4. Yanks vs Phils in the world series.