Thursday, October 1, 2009

BIG College Football Weekend

Fire up the grill, cram as many Busch Light cans into the standard issue Boston College fridge as you can, get the solo cups ready and Febreeze your favorite BC Superfan t-shirt, College Gameday is coming to Chestnut Hill.

The Mods will be the place to be on Saturday afternoon. This Hooverville style area where seniors at BC line up to live is home to the biggest tailgating area for this "party school". It is basically a big, caged in area that looks like a military barracks. On Saturday this is where the best parties are thrown before the BC football games. Journey can be heard from a mile away and nary a black person is seen. When Ray Kinsella asked "Is this heaven?" in Field of Dreams, the Mods is why Shoeless Joe Jackson replied "It's Iowa." This weekend should be a rocker.

The Eagles will be taking on Florida State in a battle of unranked teams. Why ESPN passed on #4 LSU between the hedges against #18 Georgia, or #7 USC at #24 Cal, or even #8 Oklahoma at #17 Miami for College Gameday eludes me, but fans of the ACC should be treated to a decent game. I like the Eagles to show that they are for real and upend the Seminoles, who seem very susceptible to let down games. Who knows, BC could even be ranked in the top 25 by Monday. One thing is for sure though, Alumni Stadium will be a sea of maroon and gold. LESSGOOOEEEEGULLLLSSS!!!!!

In other college football news, the game to watch is LSU at Georgia. Will the top 5 upsets continue for another week? This writer says "perhaps". LSU might be looking ahead to next week's tilt against the Gators, and could let this one slip away to those pesky bulldogs. In other ranked games, I like the Sooners to put the kibosh on the Hurricanes stint as darlings of the sports media, and USC to re-assert themselves as the class of the Pac-10 against Cal.

In the meantime, enjoy the Colorado/West Virginia game tonight, and keep your eyes peeled for #7 Noel Devine on WVU. Now you see him, now you don't. Also, don't forget to tip back a few Busch Lights and a jello shot or two for the kids from that Jesuit school in Chestnut Hill, MA.


  1. "I Fucking Hate BC" -Will, circa 2003-2009

  2. BC was apparently going to play the night game but they got swtiched in favor of Oklahoma-Miami. This will be the first time the Gameday crew will be at BC since the Eagles' debut ACC game. Word on the street is that Corso will be sucking back beers at Roggie's all morning, maybe kill a bacon burger at Eagle's Deli. Whatever the outcome of the game, we can be assured there will be drunken revelry, as the maroon and gold party down Hammond Pond Parkway. This is safety school vs. top choice school. White vs. Black. North vs. South. This is ACC football.

  3. "The Jets are my new team." -Glenn Altman Halstead III, circa September 2009

  4. The Jets ARE my new team. Ive sent away for my Brad Smith jersey.

  5. Ugh, looks like the girl with the "B" on her gut is pregnant.