Friday, October 23, 2009

The Holy War is Upon Us

The earth's axis will rotate precisely on South Bend, Indiana this Saturday. The Boston College Eagles will be taking on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the "Holy War" aka the battle of the pompous rich white Catholic schools. These schools both have a bevy of famous alumni; Amy Poehler, Chris O'Donnell and Casey Dorne for BC, Regis Philbin, Jason Zimbler and Joe Montana for ND, and I expect all the students to be pumped for this big game. Maroon and gold caravans have been seen heading from Chestnut Hill to South Bend the entire week (fridges stocked with Busch Light and Jell-o shots of course) and the Notre Dame students have been getting home well before their curfew to throw up a few prayers for the Irish. Despite the great hoopla and interest surrounding this game, it is not that great of a game. It is the equivalent of the Chiefs/Raiders rivalry nowadays. Great history, not so great football. I like the Irish in a rout this year.

There is nothing like a battle for supremacy between two unranked teams! Both BC and Notre Dame students think that they go to the mecca of college football programs, unfortunately that is not the case. 20 years ago, maybe, but not anymore. Virginia Tech made it abundantly clear to BC that they are a second rate team, and USC's dominance over the Irish have the students longing for the Lou Holtz era. The Holy War is a way for both teams to vent their frustrations, and over the years has been very entertaining and competitive. Fans of each team should not let this win go to their heads though.

This year the Irish are playing some decent ball. Jimmy Clausen has rallied the troops after a tough loss to Michigan and they played very well against USC last week. BC has beaten up on some mediocre competition, but got crushed by the Hokies in a real litmus test. I like the Irish to wake up the echoes of the Notre Dame teams of old and to shake down the thunder on BC, rolling them to the tune of about 35-10. In turn Casey Dorne will cease all booster and fundraising activities for his alma mater.


  1. Dude that heresy, BC is going to kick their asses. I refer to this game as the battle of 1350, as that is the mean SAT score required to get into either institution. VTech was an aberration for the Eagles, look for the team to summon its inner Gerald Phelan and stomp the gingers of Notre Dame.

  2. I believe his name is Gerard Phelan. I would expect an alum to know that. That guy is a total doucher by the way

  3. I got news for the Notre Dame fans. Lou Holtz is not walking through that door, the Gippper is not walking through that door and Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger is not walking through that door. Montel Harris is gonna be bringing da noise and da pain all day Saturday. LESSSGULLLLEEEGULLLS!

  4. Pinky will be at Mary Ann's, Dorne.