Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One Heck of A Game!!!

Hhhhhholy smokes!!!! We've seen one game playoffs with high drama in '08 and '07 but neither of them were anywhere close to last night's game. Twins fans and Tigers fans probably have no fingernails left. Last night's game was certainly one of the best games I have ever seen, but not because of how good the game was. Last night's game was so amazing because it perfectly summed up the two teams that were playing in it. Neither the Twins nor the Tigers played a perfect game, and it is clear why both teams were only 10 games over .500, and why a playoff game was necessary in the first place.

Last night's game was so full of mistakes that it is hard to believe that either team ever did enough right to win. I can't count how many mistakes I saw each team and manager make in this game: Casilla's terrible tag up, Denard Span's throw to third, Ryan Raburn's misplay in the outfield, Porcello's throwing error, Leyland taking Ordonez out for a pinch runner, Gardenhire removing Kubel in the 8th for a defensive replacement, Gardenhire not bringing Nathan in to start the 8th, both teams failing to score with RISP many many times, all of these mistakes in my mind had a huge effect on the outcome of the game. But they also made the game amazing to watch.

This game was a perfect play out for these two teams. Neither team is perfect. As a matter of fact, either team would have been the worst team in the playoffs record wise at 87-76. Moreover, last night's game shed light on just why both of these teams were deadlocked at 86-76 after 162 games. Both of these teams probably had chances to go about 91-71 but just made some of these small mistakes we saw last night throughout the season. In short, I have never seen two teams so evenly matched and evenly flawed. But hey, it made for one AMAZING baseball game.

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  1. My dad summed up Delmon Young's mistaken cut-off throw well....."Delmon Young, what a dolt."

    Miguel Cabrera looked a little punch-drunk after his early inning homer. ZING!