Monday, October 12, 2009

Who Knew?

Sometimes in the business of sports writing we all make bad predictions. The A's, Indians, Cubs and Diamondbacks in the playoffs? What was I thinking? Tiger to win every major this year? WHO COMES UP WITH THIS STUFF? I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of them right now. The most popular, and most glaring error made this year by writers though was in regard to the Denver Broncos. Before the season even started, I was calling for McDaniels' job and saying that Denver would be one of the worst teams in football. Now they are sitting at 5-0 and have just defeated the mighty Bill Billabill, King of the poofy jacket, and the Pats. As Jack Black once said in perhaps his finest role ever, Augie the goalie in "Airborne", "I guess we just figured you all wrong. Shoot man, I am really sorry". If you've never seen "Airborne", you must. Fast forward to about 9:20 to catch the Jack Black scene. Or watch the movie in its entirety. Anyway, looks like Josh McDaniels has earned the respect of the sports writing community.

The Broncos putrid uniforms (Jabar Gaffney's crooked socks yesterday hearkened back to images of this) and signing of the filthy whore of a turncoat Brian Dawkins aside, they have made all the right moves this year. Their defense has been very stout, and Kyle Orton and Brandon Marshall have been enough for them to win every game. A lot of credit has to go to Josh McDaniels for all of this. When it looked like his team was spinning out of control earlier this year, he has been able to unify everyone and get them to play as a team. Bravo.

At first I thought that the Broncos were the benefactors of an easy schedule (and lucky), but their win this weekend showed that they are for real. That said though, I still think they have a lot more to do to be an elite team. Nonetheless, I am very impressed with Josh McDaniels so far this year and for lunch I will be eating my words, with a side of crow. Lookin' tough.


  1. Josh Mcdaniels should be slapped upside the head for his showboating after the game. Guy, you are 5-0, you didn't just win the Super Bowl, stop clowning around. Act your age, not your tiny dong size. Here is a McDaniels quote to Jay Cutler:

    "I can take a high school quarterback and make him a pro bowler."

  2. Check out the PTI podcast from Monday October 12th. Saucon Valley CC - Old Course and Bethlehem, PA get a shout out. No mention of Lehigh CC or Allentown.