Thursday, November 5, 2009

Good Grief

Well, the season is over. My Phils were almost kings of the hill again, but were dethroned by the mighty Yankees. It was an exciting series, but it just seemed that the Phillies didn't have the pitching to win it all this year. I congratulate the Yankees on their 27th title, but with a grain of salt due to the way their fans have chosen to celebrate. Enclosed are a few of my thoughts on the World Series that was. And if you are looking for me over the next long while, just look for the guy walking around like this.

-One of the biggest things that I noticed about this heavyweight title match, was that every game came down to the other team failing to stop one guy. In game one, Chase Utley stole the show with 2 homers off of C.C.. Games 2 and 3, Matsui couldn't be stopped. In game 4 it was Johnny Damon who took over. Game 5 was of course the Chase Utley show again. And finally, Matsui put the nail in the coffin in game 6. I would like to think that if the Phillies could have gotten a decent start out of someone other than Cliff Lee, they would have won again this year. But alas, those damn Yankees were too much.

-Staying on topic, Cliff Lee is absolutely amazing. I would like to see the Phils lock him up for the next 5 years or so. He has already made it onto my fantasy keeper list if that is any consolation.

-On the contrary, Cole Hamels was abysmal. However, I don't want to hear anyone blasting him for what he said about wanting the season to be over. We live in an age where all athletes do is bullshit the media, so that when somebody actually says something honestly it sounds ridiculous. Cole Hamels was being honest. Give him a break. He played shitty all year and was getting sick of it. Would you rather he regurgitate some jargon an agent told him to say about going out and getting them next time, thanking god, and saying its a team effort? Please. I laud Cole for his honesty, but I expect him to return to his old form FAST.

-The Yankees simply do not quit. In the entire series, the Phillies staked themselves out to a few nice leads, but simply could not hold them. Here's a fun fact, in the 5th inning of all the games combined, the Yanks outscored the Phils 9-0. Yikes.

-In the 2009 World Series, we had two known performance enhancers on the side of the winning team. Andy Pettitte was crucial in two Yankees wins, as was A-Rod. What do we do with this knowledge? Nothing I suppose. It just doesn't sit quite right with me.

-Finally, I would like to congratulate the Yankees fans on the World Series Championship this year. Despite my predictions to begin the year that they wouldn't win, my theory is still in tact that the highest paid teams RARELY win the title. Key word being rarely. After all, the Knicks, Flyers and Raiders sure as shit didn't win.

-Congratulations being handed out, some Yankees fans I know need to learn how to win with some class. When the Phillies won the Series last year, I was so excited for my team and my town ending its 25 year drought that I didn't have any time to think about anything else. Especially not putting down the Tampa Bay Rays in any way. Despite that, the first thing out of some Yankees fans mouths (and keyboards) this year was a put down of the Phillies. Grow up. Seriously.

Now that baseball is over, we have a solid half season left of football before we enter the dreadful abyss that is basketball and hockey season. I don't know if I'll be able to handle that.


  1. Do you feel any differently about the World Series rings the Red Sox won? Knowing that Manny and Ortiz were both on something.

  2. JUst found your blog by hitting next blog on mine, I had the Reds over the Red Sox in the WS, Had the Phils winning the East and Yankees in the WC
    Got all 4 playoff teams right in the AL
    Only got the Dodgers and Phils right in the NL but had both of them out in the 1st round, (That is why I am called "The Expert"

    I like what I see and will add you to my Must Read Blog List

  3. A little comment about Class, I agree Ynakee fans of this generation do not have the class that my generation does, But I also heard alot of "Yankees Suck" Chants at all times of the game. Yes Philly Fans was very classy with the Rays but that ended this year, Younger Fans of every team are a little bit classless by knocking the other team instead of cheering
    their teams, Boston fan is the worst, When The Patriots won their 1st Super Bowl the gathering crowd at he celebration chanted Yankee Suck instead of celebrating that cities 1st Championship since the Celtics of the 80s.

    Now that the Baseball season is over I can concentrate on My Jets (oh Joy)